Sweet Spring 糖水春 @ AMK Hub

Durian puffs, S$4.20.

Durian puffs, S$4.20.

This was a random pit stop in the midst of aimless wandering at AMK Hub. I wasn’t hungry, and planned only to have mango sago pomelo, but the cute waiter convinced me to order a dimsum item to go with it. 😀

Molten durian filling

Molten durian filling.

The fried durian puffs turned out to be surprisingly good. Although the filling wasn’t pure durian pulp—it’s probably a mixture of durian and custard—it had sufficient durian flavor and scent. Served piping hot, the molten filling was lusciously smooth.

Thin, light, and very crisp, the grease-free pastry shell was impressive too. I ended up enjoying this more than my original order of mango sago pomelo.

Mango sago pomelo, S$3.80.

Mango sago pomelo, S$3.80.

It’s not the best mango sago pomelo I’ve had, but neither was it the worst. The mango wasn’t sweet enough, but to be fair, mangoes aren’t at their best now because they’re not in season. Also, I was expecting to see more mango, and cut in chunkier cubes.

My gold standard for mango sago pomelo is still Mei Heong Yuen. So far, none I’ve tried has surpassed their version.

Surprisingly, Sweet Spring is opened by the management of Fish & Co. Hmm, Chinese sweet soups 糖水 is quite a departure from fish and chips, yeah?

I couldn’t linger for long, but Sweet Spring’s a casual, pleasant joint for catching up over desserts. I saw other tables having the homemade beancurd that comes in a quaint wooden tub, presumably one of their signature desserts. On the menu, there’s also the usual Chinese sweet soups, snow ice desserts, and a limited dimsum selection for nibbles.

Spring is sweet indeed

Spring is sweet, indeed.

Sweet Spring
#02-19 to 21, AMK Hub (next to Ang Mo Kio MRT)
53 Ang Mo Kio Ave 3
Singapore 569933
Tel: (65) 6753 9856

Weekdays: 11am – 10pm
Weekends: 10am – 10pm



  1. says

    aww sister, how could you rather wander around aimlessly than to meet me? hehe. i haven’t seen this restaurant/cafe (?) before, is it newly opened? and i think its so hard to find a good yang zhi gan lu around. so far those i tried are always very diluted/bland/watery 🙁 any good one u recommend? 😀

  2. Betty says

    Julia, the mango sago pomelo sound it need something to it. Mango and sago together is good but with pomelo not sure. There none online on jelly mooncake molds I will use what I found in stores. As long it taste good that what matter.

  3. jeff says

    Hi Julia
    U must go to Tg Pagar, Amara food court @ level 4 , Hong Kong Desserts
    their yang zhi gan lu n durian sago is best, is ice blended n very smooth… trust me ,must go try k