Teriyaki chicken from Holy Grill

Teriyaki chicken, S$5.50.

Teriyaki chicken, S$5.50.

This was Rick’s choice when we were lunching at Old Airport Road Food Centre. He was browsing the stalls when one of the signboards caught his attention: Holy Grill.

Holy smokes, what a witty name! Amused, he ordered the teriyaki chicken.

Morale of story: Use a catchy and memorable name for your business to stand out from the crowd!

I stole some of his food to sample. Mmm…Hallelujah! Although the boneless chicken leg was grilled till crisp and slightly charred, the meat was very succulent. The teriyaki sauce was just right; not too sweet and not too starchy.

You can also pick your own side dishes. There’s both fresh and hot selections, like pasta salad, house salad, baked potato, mashed potato, corn, rice, etc.

Hubby picked coleslaw and potato salad. Both tasted fantastic! Ingredients were super fresh, and the seasoning faultless. We were very impressed.

Other items on the menu sound enticing too: NZ prime sirloin, pork chop (from France!), Australian lamb chop loin, grilled salmon, hickory BBQ chicken, and more!

If Old Airport Road weren’t so far from our home, we’d definitely be back soon to check out the rest of the menu!

The holy grail of grill?

The holy grail of grill?

Holy Grill Authentic Western Cuisine
51 Old Airport Road Food Centre
Singapore 390051
Tel: 9009 7762 (Johnny Quek), 9009 7763 (Grace Wee)

Mon-Sat: 12pm – 9.30pm
Sun: 2pm – 9.30pm
Closed on Thursdays



  1. ladyironchef says

    nice shot of the chicken! i haven been to old airport road food centre for YEARS! time to make a trip down! heh

  2. says

    We always wanted to try out this stall but there’s always other temptation waving at us!

    Brad, you should go there! And you must eat the leige waffle from sweet stone!

  3. says

    Oh no…they are 2 different stalls. The one at golden mile is Sweet Stone holding. The other at old airport rd is Sweet Stone Parad’lce. But trust me. The one at old airport rd is definitely better! Quality is more consistent. Chocolate dip was thicker and richer. Must request for freshly made waffle! 🙂

  4. Erica says


    Made me want of the grill foods. Too bad you did not show teriyaki chicken and side dishes in look and amount but now I am hungry for teriyaki chicken and potato salad and cole slaw. Living in states no problem to head out to bar b q places but they do not serve teriyaki .

  5. Betty says


    I never had teriyak chicken with potato salad and cole slaw together before. The Japanese restaurant in San Francisco have teriyaki chicken with nomasu, Japanese pickle style cole slaw no potato salad at all. It all Japanese style food.

  6. says

    these guys started out from my secondary school canteen… their food was a hit among all of us, always the longest queue! (and really cheap at sch rates too… chicken chop used cost only $2.50 =p)

    it looks much nicer now, gotta go down to try it too (: