Penang Hawkers’ Fare buffet @ York Hotel

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One weekday, Camemberu and I played tai-tais for an afternoon. We went for buffet lunch at a hotel, then shopping at ION Orchard – the newest upscale mall in town! Sounds luxurious? The reality: Buffet was hawker fare, and the shopping was just wistful browsing. “Ooh, look! So gorgeous! Wah, so ex!” We are, after… 

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Teriyaki chicken from Holy Grill

Teriyaki chicken, S$5.50.

This was Rick’s choice when we were lunching at Old Airport Road Food Centre. He was browsing the stalls when one of the signboards caught his attention: Holy Grill. Holy smokes, what a witty name! Amused, he ordered the teriyaki chicken. Morale of story: Use a catchy and memorable name for your business to stand… 

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Takoyaki from Tsukiji Gindaco

Takoyaki (fried octopus balls), 6 for S$4.80

On the same night we had dinner at Tonkatsu Ginza Bairin, I joined the queue for the much-hyped takoyaki from Tsukiji Gindaco at ION Orchard’s B4 food hall. Verdict: Miles better than Takopachi over at Takashimaya! There’s a nice-sized chunk of octopus in each ball, and the beni shoga (red pickled ginger), tenkasu (crunchy flour… 

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