S$1.50 Per Bowl Yong Tau Foo

Cheap but yummy yong tau foo.

Cheap but yummy yong tau foo.

People say there’s no such thing as cheap and good. Guess what? There’s this famous yong tau foo stall in Bedok South Food Centre that’s really cheap and good! Where else can you buy yong tau foo that starts from $1.50 an order?

I’d just had a plate of fried kway teow at the famous FKT stall in the same hawker centre, so I only tried a few items. Despite being so cheap, the quality of the yong tau foo is surprisingly decent. There’s a reasonable amount of fish paste stuffing, and the soup is tasty with the natural flavors of ikan bilis and soy bean. The yong tau foo is really fresh, too. What’s more, there’s a great variety of items to choose from. Expect long queues during lunch time.

The usual practice at pick-your-own yong tau foo is your selection is re-heated by being blanched in boiling water. Here, what’s great is that they separately deep-fry and serve the fried items so that they are hot and crispy. They also give mayonnaise for fried items. Yums!

Take your pick!

Take your pick!

$1.50 Per Bowl Yong Tau Foo
Blk 16 Bedok South Road
Bedok South Market and Food Centre
Singapore 460016

6am – 9pm daily
$0.30 per piece, min 5 pieces ($1.50)
$1.50 for 4 pieces + noodle



  1. says

    A: $1.50 per bowl?!! wow..guess that must be the only stall in sg that sells yong tau foo cheaply. And i think they’re quite unique from the rest by giving the mayonnaise for the fried item! Other stalls just pour in the sweet sauce and chilli.

  2. Betty says

    Julia, never heard of it being in San Francisco but look so good from the photos. Now to find a recipe to make it.

  3. Betty says

    Sorry my wrong. I found out after looking for recipe that Cantonese which I am have stuffed tofu also. We never serve with noodle or in soup just side dish. This way of serving it is very interesting too. I sometime put it in claypot dishes .

  4. Jaime says

    Actually the price actually increase. Initially they were competing with another stall (which since closed due to stiff competition). They were sellinng each piece of YTF at 15 cents. The queue was horrendously long and many aunties will be “da pao-ing” home for lunch/dinner. Minimum order is $2. Their Yam rice was yummy too.

    Now with the price change, the no. of customers actually became alot shorter.

    Other food you can try there besides the Char Kueh Teow is the duck rice, prawn noodle ($2…pretty good serving), the pork bao (shop at the back…malay/indian food stalls). Pretty good too.