Clementi Brothers Rojak (Zion Road branch)

This is the branch of the famous Clementi Brothers Rojak. While some people say the original outlet is better, I feel that the branch is still better than most average rojak stalls.

Grilled taupok and yu char kway, S$5.00

Grilled taupok and yu char kway, S$5.00

Actually, I prefer grilled taupok and yu char kway to rojak, so this is what I usually order. They only start grilling the food when an order is placed, so you might have to wait a few minutes. What I do is place my order here first, then go get food and/or drink from another stall.

Good quality, sticky hae koh (prawn paste).

Good quality, sticky hae koh (prawn paste).

You can tell the taupok (beancurd puff) and yu char kway (fried doughstick) they use are fresh; there’s no stale oil taste. Of course, they are best eaten when hot off the grill — the taupok skin is so light it disintegrates easily in your mouth, and the yu char kway is both nicely crispy and chewy. But even when cold, they are still pretty good.

The thick hae koh here is more than decent. Add a generous dash of fragrant roasted peanuts, and you’ve got a killer dip!

Clementi Brothers Rojak (branch)
Stall 21, Zion Riverside Food Centre
Singapore 160000

Open: 12pm – 10pm
Closed on Tuesdays



  1. says

    Yes, one of my favourites too! I’ll always get myself a plate of rojak from this stall when I am nearby.

  2. says

    Ida, they also have something called “Special Rojak”, have you tried that? I think it has mango, century egg, and jellyfish in it!

  3. juzagerl80 says

    I’m just wondering what kind of camera/brand do you use to take all ur wonderful food pics?