Homemade Springroll @ Bedok Food Centre

Popiah, S$1.20 per roll.

Popiah, S$1.20 per roll.

“You want popiah?” Ricky pointed to the stall behind me. Turning around, I saw a small sign saying that they make their own popiah wrappers.

“Of course,” I replied. I’m a sucker for anything homemade. Do you realize how rare it is these days to find a hawker stall that doesn’t get its supplies from a factory?

Great popiah skin

Great popiah skin.

Aside from being on the sweet side, this was a pretty good popiah! The skin looked thick, but was sufficiently thin. We were also impressed by the cottony-soft but resilient skin.

The filling was simple. More crunchy beansprouts would have been refreshing, and the jicama filling could have been more umami.

But what I liked was the generous dose of crunchy toasted rice bits! Yes, there was crushed roasted peanuts as well, but not many stalls add toasted rice bits anymore. These stay very crunchy even with the juicy vegetable filling and sweet sauce. They made the popiah really more-ish!

They make their own popiah wrappers!

They make their own popiah wrappers!

You can also buy popiah wrappers by the kilo for your home popiah party. If you have no time to make your own, popiah and kueh pie tee sets (with the filling and condiments) are available.

Apparently, they have a couple of branches. Camemberu has blogged about the Marine Parade branch, and just today, I spotted another outlet at Smith Street Food Centre in Chinatown. Anybody knows if they have other branches elsewhere?

Homemade Springroll 富城食品
Stall 22, Bedok Food Centre (also known as Bedok Corner Food Centre)
1 Bedok Road
Singapore 469572



  1. Betty says


    This is a must have since my late husband use to make that for me . He was from Taiwan. I used ready made wrapper but will look for recipe for homemade one.

  2. Erica says


    What the best or flavorite filling in Singapore for it?

    Doing a researched into Singapore snacks.

  3. says

    If you like popiah, do try the one at Glory (diagonally opposite Katong Mall near the traffic lights). Theirs is to die for!