Nasi Padang River Valley

Time: 1pm.
Weather: Cold, rainy, miserably grey.
State of tummy: Totally empty, furiously growling (due to skipping breakfast).

Rice with bergedil and stirfried beansprouts

Rice with bergedil and stirfried beansprouts.

Prescription: Nasi padang.

To start with, nasi (rice) with the prerequisite veggie and must-order-at-every-nasi-padang-meal bergedil. No earth-shattering moment here. Just your classic fried potato ball done the way it should be.

Sambal sotong

Sambal sotong.

What’s that I spy on every table? Ok, let’s have the same.

Take a big, fat squid, snip it into rings, and douse with ketchup-y sambal. Soft sotong with just a sufficient touch of chewiness. Thick, sweet, and not-too-spicy sauce. Mmm…so addictive.

Chicken curry

Kari ayam.

Let’s have something to warm that cold, empty tummy. How about some good ol’ chicken curry?

A whole chicken leg, thoughtfully snipped into three manageable pieces. Such fresh and tender meat. And the curry? Not too spicy, not too thick, very fragrant, very smooth, and tasty with a hint of tanginess. In short, perfect.

Nasi Padang River Valley
55, Zion Road
Singapore 247780
Tel: 6734 3383

Open: 11am – 9pm (earlier if food sells out)
Closed on Mondays & public holidays



  1. says

    i like the complimentary curry that comes with the rice. really full of spices and not too hot. very nice. but my squid that day was rather “raw”… still, good place for nasi padang, me thinks. πŸ™‚

  2. ladyironchef says

    i like the sambal satong picture! I think my friend was telling me about this nasi padang too, at zion road one! haha