Island Creamery

On May 11, a bunch of hungry food bloggers pigged out on gourmet burgers and ice cream! Yes, I met up with Evan, ladyironchef, Nic, Hungry Cow, and Keropokman for lunch at Relish (stay tuned for that post). After that, we walked over next door to Island Creamery.

Chendol, Reverso, Nutella

Chendol, Reverso (the dark, chocolatey one), Nutella

Six different flavors for the six of us to share! That’s the good thing about eating out with a big group. You get to try more variety! This was my virgin Island Creamery experience, and I was very happy to see so many Singaporean flavors!

Chendol, Teh Tarik, Burnt Caramel

Pulot Hitam, Teh Tarik, Burnt Caramel

Evan, the sophisticated patissier, remained true to nature by picking the chic Burnt Caramel. Me? I picked the very heartlander Chendol!

Overall impression: Excellent ice cream that’s very smooth, creamy and not too sweet. Too bad they all tended to melt pretty quickly.

Of all the flavors, my favorite was the Teh Tarik. It was very milky with a robust taste of red tea. I’m surprised they replicated the teh tarik flavor so well! I wonder if they have teh halia ice cream?

The fragrant Pulot Hitam was great, too. But the Chendol wasn’t as good as I’d expected, as the chendol flavor didn’t stand out enough. The Reverso and Nutella were decent but ordinary, and I didn’t think much of the Burnt Caramel. Or maybe I couldn’t make out the burnt caramel because the tastebuds were already overwhelmed by the other flavors!

More exotic flavors like soursop or banana.

Other exotic flavors like Soursop or Banana.

I thought the pricing here is very reasonable. As we ordered two triple scoop cups, each scoop of ice cream averaged out to about S$2.00 each. All the ice cream is freshly made in-house. If you wish to buy some for your mother/father/uncle/auntie/siblings/friends, tubs are also available for take-away.

For local ice cream, go to Island Creamery.

Proudly made in Singapore.

Island Creamery
#01-03, Serene Centre
10 Jalan Serene
Tel: 6468 8859

Open: 11am – 10pm



  1. Betty says

    Those flavors sound so yummy. But durian is not one for me since I am ABC living in San Francisco. One time a worker from Burma brought back to work a durian BoBo drink and all people thought it was a gas leak in the building that how strong the smell from one small drink.

    Was in Taipei and they have a shop that serve many flavors ice creams also. Many are kind of funky really. Pig feet, bitter melon, tomato basil ect. Not of the curry but like the ginger one.

  2. says

    what?? i’m no patissier *shakes head violently in disapproval*

    i love yr pics, and i look forward to your relish post. not forgetting, i look forward to seeing u soon, my dear sister 😀

  3. Betty says

    Julia, I forgot to inform you it Snow King Ice Cream at 65 Wuchang St. Sec 1 Taipei , Taiwan. They got 73 flavors and beer flavor ice cream too.

  4. Momo says

    My mum heard you on 93.8 introducing this! And she mentioned it and it said it was you 🙂