Freshly Baked by Le Bijoux


Ham & cheese on walnut raisin, S$7.20.

If I had to choose between rice or bread, it’s definitely rice. Yes, I’m a rice person. I get withdrawal symptoms from going without rice for more than two consecutive days!

Yet, after an unplanned visit to Freshly Baked, I found myself thinking of nothing but bread. Grabbing a late lunch, I’d expected nothing extraordinary out of a simple BLT on wholemeal bread.

But Freshly Baked’s wholemeal bread simply blew me away! Soft, fluffy, light, and so incredibly delicious that I kept pinching myself, “How is this possible? It’s nothing like the rough, stodgy wholemeal bread I’ve hated all my life!”

Freshly Baked by Le Bijoux is the baby of Chef Audrey Tan, who, in her own words, is a baker not much into style but more into substance. A woman after my own heart, indeed! No wonder I instantly felt so at home in her cosy, down-to-earth deli-bakery.

Seeing me so greedily enthusiastically enjoying my sandwich and taking photos, Audrey generously brought out samples of other breads for me to try.

One of her top-sellers, the walnut raisin loaf is soft and chewy, and neither too light nor too dense. Audrey says that she blends some of the raisins before adding them to the bread dough. No wonder each bite is bursting with flavor! It tastes like something Mom would make (if Mom could bake!).


Freshly baked ciabatta.

The airy ciabatta is another winner. It goes with just about anything!


Freshly baked baguette.

I can just imagine dipping slices of the crusty baguette into chicken curry. Yums!


Freshly baked dark rye bread with dried fig & cranberry.

Now, I usually shun rye bread because it tends to be heavy, but Audrey’s lighter version has converted me into a fan! Love, love, love the addition of dried figs!

Good enough to eat on their own, I was truly impressed by Audrey’s stunning breads. Made without any preservatives, they only have a shelf-life of 2 to 3 days. No worries! They won’t survive that long on my kitchen table anyway!

At lunch-time, the sandwiches are very popular. They aren’t that fancy, but consistently fresh and wholesome! Bestsellers are the BLT (bacon, lettuce, tomato), ham and cheese, smoked salmon, and corned beef.

I thought pairing savory shaved ham and Emmenthal cheese with the sweet walnut raisin loaf (see the 1st pic) was a stroke of genius! The unexpected addition of creamy avocado in the BLT (S$6.90) worked too!

Soups are also available ala carte or as part of a soup+sandwich+drink set, but personally, I’d rather skip the soup and pick a dessert! Hmm, no, make that two!


Freshly baked cakes.

Reflecting her personality, her cakes aren’t fanciful, colorful creations, but classic favs like tiramisu, apple crumble, and black forest chocolate Swiss roll.


Crunchy salted caramel choc tart, S$4.50.

This is a must-try! Although I’d prefer the tart crust to be thinner and more buttery, the salted caramel and chocolate filling was divine! Smooth and well-rounded flavors without being too sweet or jelak (cloying).


Cross-section of tart.

Forgive my clumsy cutting skill; I mangled the poor tart! The crunchy part of the tart comes from the delectable Valrhona chocolate balls. It was so fun munching on the crisp chocolate balls as they went pop! pop! pop! in the mouth!


Macaron, S$1.50.

Now, I’m not the best person to judge macarons, but the raspberry (purple) macaron I tried seemed like the real deal. It was crisp when I bit into it, but pleasantly chewy inside. The whole thing wasn’t too sweet, but there wasn’t much flavor either.


Chocolate banana crumble muffin, S$1.80.

This is basically a chocolate muffin, but embedded with slices of banana and topped with crumble for extra texture!


Marble cake.

I was also happy to see old-fashioned butter cakes like marble cake and sugee cake! Haven’t tried this yet! Next time!



The mini donuts looked so adorable I couldn’t resist stealing a shot!


Almond cranberry financiers.

This is another item I wanna try next time.


Oatmeal raisin cookies.

Ooh, is anyone thinking of cookies with ice-cold milk? I am!

Phew, going through these images, I realize there’s actually a mind-boggling variety of breads, cakes, and cookies churned out at Fr

eshly Baked. In fact, there are other items I didn’t shoot, as well as others that are rotated daily.

“Bijoux” means jewels in French. Yes, I’m already planning my next visit to discover what other gems there are at Freshly Baked!

Freshly Baked by Le Bijoux
57 Killiney Road

Singapore 239520
Tel: (65) 6735 3298

Mon-Fri: 8am to 8pm
Sat: 8am to 6pm
Sun: Closed



  1. says

    ^5 HSG! Im a “fan tong” too. Hehe. But this post is making me wanna check this place out. I think I saw a good post by The Skinny Epicurean too.

  2. purinne says

    thank u soooo much for sharin this bakery~~~ i’ve been lookin for audrey 🙂 love her macarons when she was with archangel … 🙂 … used to frequent archangel last time but they closed suddenly and i was unable to find out where their chefs and bakers will head to … now i know … thank u~~~

  3. says

    hey hungrycow, ahh you’re so skinny, would never guess you’re a “fan tong” like me! 🙂
    Hi purinne: You’re welcome, I’m sure Audrey will be very happy to see you too! 🙂