J.CO Donuts – JCOOL Yogurt


JCOOL Yogurt, S$3.80.

Hmm, fancy a fro-yo with your donut and coffee? J.CO claims their JCOOL Yogurt is 100% fat-free! How nice of them to offer a healthy, guilt-free dessert alongside their sugar-, fat-, and calorie-laden donuts! Heh, do you spot the irony?

Anyway, here’s the verdict: the JCOOL Yogurt is surprisingly ultra smooth, creamy, and tart! Normally, I prefer something less sour, but that day was horribly hot and humid, so its zesty tang really hit the spot! Plus I liked how creamy it is, just like a rich soft-serve ice-cream.

At S$3.80 for a small cup, it’s pricey! But you do get a choice from a limited variety of toppings. Other brands charge an average of S$1.00 per topping,

Actually, I’ve been slow to embrace the frozen yogurt fad. Lately, I managed to try most of the popular brands: Frolick, Red Mango, and Yoguru. All are good in their own distinctive ways!

It all depends on the mood. If I want tangy and airy, Frolick’s my choice. If I want something creamier and less tart, I’ll go for Red Mango or Yoguru.

Hey, I just realized, the JCOOL is a close homophone of my initial and last name: J.Khoo! 🙂

J.CO Donuts & Coffee (2 outlets in Singapore)
Raffles City, B1; and Bugis Junction, B1

URL: www.jcodonuts.com



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    yum yum, i love froyo, esp the soft serve kind. the tub ones from supermarkets just don’t quite cut it for me 🙁 now i know where to go for froyo nx time!!

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    ohhh… whenever i’m in singapore (or KL or Jakarta for that matter) i make it a point to eat some of their donuts. i’ll have to save room for the yogurt, too, now.