Dallas Restaurant & Bar

On Sat, Brad aka ladyironchef organized a lunch at Dallas to commemorate his blog’s second birthday! Happy blog birthday, Brad! 🙂

What a big turn-out there was! It was wonderful meeting Arlyna, Mike, Jaime La Nourriture and her friend, and catching up with Camemberu, and Keropokman and Momo at the same table.


Salt & pepper calamari.

This was the first of the 9-course tasting menu (S$23.00++ per person) Brad had arranged. The squid was tender and lightly battered. Although the salt and pepper were subtle, I thought the calamari was lovely!


Chicken & cheese quesadillas.

The grilled quesadillas are thin tortillas stuffed with savoury chicken and cheese. Lovely partnered with zesty sour cream and creamy guacamole.


Shredded pork tacos.

The shredded pork tasted like pulled meat from BBQ ribs. There was also shredded lettuce, tomato salsa and guacamole in the tacos.


Baby Back Pork Ribs - Alabama.

Three kinds of ribs were served – Alabama, Fiery, Smoked Hickory (or was it Berry)? Unfortunately, there was confusion over which was which.

Anyway, my fav was the Alabama, which had a zingy sweetness due to the pineapple in the marinade. The other flavours were delicious too. If only the ribs were meatier!


Tempura Barramundi with Thai Herbs & Naan Jim.

The stringy fish was less than ideal, but I liked the naan jim dip. Similar to Thai sweet chilli sauce, but much nicer!


Dallas Wings with a Ranch Dipping Sauce.

Too tough, too dry, and not much flavour. The wings tasted better paired with the naan jim dip rather than the ranch dipping sauce.

In fact, I commented that CP Mexican Wings are much better! LOL


Corn & Crab Fritters with Chilli Glaze.

I tasted the crab, but not much corn. Again, not much flavor, but a squeeze of lemon helped to perk things up.


Beef Fajitas with Guacamole & Sour Cream.

There were comments that the beef tastes like rendang, but I actually enjoyed the flavourful, tender, and juicy beef very much! The accompanying tortillas were served soft and warm, which was great.


Breaded Mushrooms with Cheese & Garlic Mayonnaise.

No, this isn’t a repeat serving of the corn crab fritters! The mushrooms were very juicy, but also quite salty cos of the stuffed cheese.

Despite having only one piece from each dish, all of us were filled to bursting point! The items we had are excellent bar food to go with drinks. I’d love to come back another day to check out the mains which seem to be reasonably priced.

Dallas Restaurant & Bar
31 Boat Quay
Singapore 049820
Tel: (65) 6532 2131

URL: www.dallas.sg

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Photos in this post were taken with a Sony Alpha 350 DSLR with 50mm f2.8 Macro lens.



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    hi julia! thx for leaving a comment at my blog 🙂 i’ve actually been reading yours for many years now, but i’m more like a silent reader 😀 love your writeups and photography!
    i was at the outing last sat too, sitting at the table behind u. but didn’t know u were there, else i would hv gone over to say hi. but nvm, we’ll be meeting again soon, won’t we? =)

  2. says

    You are the rare few that liked the beef fajitas… At least the people who were at my table felt that the taste of curry powder was a tad strong…
    I saw your link via Camemberu’s and I was sitting at the same table with Evan. I did notice a lady using a Sony, not sure if that was you.
    Anyway, after reading your entry and Camemberu’s, it seems like CP Mexican wings are worth a try. I recalled seeing a series of Camemberu’s entries on CP products.

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    Julia!! thanks for coming for my outing, glad you and the rest at your table had a good time. Wasn’t able to chat much with you all that day, but hey! we can catch up this fri, dim sum! heh

  4. says

    Evan: Yes, we’ll be meeting very soon. Can’t wait! 🙂
    Fen: Thanks for stopping by. 🙂 Yeah, it’s probably me. I didn’t spot any other Sony Alpha among the sea of Canon and Nikon DSLRs!
    Yes, do try the CP Mexican Wings! I tried it too, and loved it! 🙂
    LIC: Thanks for inviting me! 🙂 Yes, you were so busy that day, hope to catch up with you this Fri.

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    hi julia! was really really nice to hv met u today and am pleasantly suprised that we hv so much in common 🙂 meet up soon for somemore talk & korean food!!

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    feizhu: hi, i’m not that much of a photography pro, so the basic lens and most importantly the macro lens are good enough for me! Anyway, the sony alpha belongs to the hubby; I’m just borrowing it!
    Evan: yeah, it’s great that we hv so much in common, other than food. 🙂 let’s meet up again for Korean food next time!