Freshly Baked by Le Bijoux


If I had to choose between rice or bread, it’s definitely rice. Yes, I’m a rice person. I get withdrawal symptoms from going without rice for more than two consecutive days! Yet, after an unplanned visit to Freshly Baked, I found myself thinking of nothing but bread. Grabbing a late lunch, I’d expected nothing extraordinary… 

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Smok'inn Frogz Kitchen


Of late, The Neanderthal’s been grumbling that our Friday/Saturday evenings have been spent at uncool venues like Bukit Merah Central FairPrice supermarket. Yes, dear, I’ve realized my folly! Food gathering is the domain of the female; the Neanderthal Man is born to hunt. Hence, Friday’s dinner was at a most male-friendly venue, where burgers rule… 

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合记 [He Ji] Braised Duck


Ricky aka Hubby/the Neanderthal (heh, private joke!) works in Tanjong Pagar, so naturally, he has his regular favorite lunchtime haunts in the area. One of them is 合记 Braised Duck at Tanjong Pagar Food Centre. He’s been raving so much about it that I thought I should try it myself and see if it’s really… 

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50’s Carrot Cake


I’ve actually blogged this place before, way way back in 2004! Yup, I’d just started blogging then. Look at that dinky photo, taken with our very first digicam, a Fuji E500. It’s hard to believe I’m still blogging, and still eating at this stall almost every Saturday morning when I accompany the mother-in-law to the… 

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J.CO Donuts – JCOOL Yogurt


Hmm, fancy a fro-yo with your donut and coffee? J.CO claims their JCOOL Yogurt is 100% fat-free! How nice of them to offer a healthy, guilt-free dessert alongside their sugar-, fat-, and calorie-laden donuts! Heh, do you spot the irony? Anyway, here’s the verdict: the JCOOL Yogurt is surprisingly ultra smooth, creamy, and tart! Normally,… 

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我们的星期六夜晚…… [Our Saturday evening……]


After visiting Jaime La Nourriture’s lovely blog, I’m now very inspired to blog in Chinese too! Problem is, I haven’t written in Chinese for more than 10 years. It’ll be good practice to brush up on my very rusty Chinese, heh! Ok, here goes…… 星期六了,我和老公都没特别节目。我又不想煮晚饭,于是我们便到惹兰红山中心吃晚餐和逛超市。 老公:哎,我们真uncool! 星期六晚上没去cheong,却跑来这种只有uncle/auntie来的地方! 我:有什么办法?我们以“升级”做uncle/auntie了! Translated: It’s Saturday. Hubby and I had no… 

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