Mei Heong Yuen – Mango snow ice


Mango snow ice, S$5.00.

After dinner at Togi, we stopped at Mei Heong Yuen for dessert before heading home. I was surprised to see that they’ve expanded their selection of snow ice. There’s more than 10 flavors now, including unusual choices like yam, soursop, black sesame, and mocha!

Ricky and I shared a mango snow ice. It’s ginormous; I’d never have finished this on my own!

A Taiwanese creation (why am I not surprised?), the powdery “snow” is machine-shaven from a block of flavored milk. Feathery, fluffy, and fine, the texture is less grainy than ice kachang, and hardly melts. Amazing!

On the whole, the mango snow ice was pleasant. Not as rich as ice cream, but smoother than sorbet because of the milk. Very refreshing on a hot day!

But on its own, the snow ice is rather boring. In fact, flavor was rather artificial. If not for the mango sauce and fresh mango cubes, the snow ice would be bland. Yeah, just like a salad without any dressing.

The mango snow ice was fun, but next time, I’m sticking to my all-time fav, the mango sago pomelo!

Mei Heong Yuen Desserts
65-67 Temple Street
Tel: 6221 1156