Togi Korean Restaurant

Today, I suddenly realized that it’s been AGES since we had Korean food. No, not those pseudo foodcourt sizzling meat on hotplates and
pathetic kimchi, but authentic Korean food cooked by Koreans.

We were in Chinatown. Since we’ve been to Jangwon, we decided to try Togi, a homestyle Korean diner just diagonally across the street.


Banchan (side dishes).

As usual, I was looking forward to see what side dishes they’d serve. Clockwise from top left: spicy potatoes; spicy fried anchovies; garlic sprouts; spicy pickled cucumber and carrot (tasted similar as our local achar, but sans pineapple); the standard Chinese cabbage kimchi; and Korean fishcake.

Not bad, nothing wow, but very authentic and homey in taste. Hubby commented that the kimchi seems “watered down” to suit local palates. I agree. It also seems to have been sitting around for some time; a bit limp and not too fresh.


Gamja tang (potato and pork rib soup), S$35.00.

Tired of ordering the usual grilled meats and kimchi/bean paste stews, we tried the gamja tang (medium size), which was just the right amount for two hungry eaters to share. The pot is put on a gas burner to simmer away as you eat.



As the soup simmered to a stew, the meat and potato turned softer and more flavorful, but unfortunately, the pork rib wasn’t meltingly tender. Also, I detected a frozen pork taste. The soup was spicy, but not flavorsome enough.

Well, the friendly server did say that this is a new item on the menu, so maybe they still need to improve on their gamja tang recipe. Togi seems to be quite popular; by around 7pm, all tables were nearly filled.

Maybe we should have ordered the usual bibimbap, stews, and BBQ meats which are reasonably priced. The price we paid just didn’t seem to justify the quality of the food we had.

Total bill: S$42.90, including rice charge, and taxes.

Togi Korean Restaurant
11 Mosque Street
Tel: 6221 0830

Mon-Sat: 12 to 2pm, 6 to 9pm