Pu Tien Restaurant (Vivocity)

After the previous night’s not-so-satisfying dinner, tonight’s dinner was like manna from heaven! Well, ok, maybe exaggerating a little, but we really enjoyed every dish we ate! Putien makes their own tofu. Fresh, firm but super smooth, the tofu was divine! The tasty brown gravy was of the right consistency: not too thick but sticky… 

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Mei Heong Yuen – Mango snow ice

After dinner at Togi, we stopped at Mei Heong Yuen for dessert before heading home. I was surprised to see that they’ve expanded their selection of snow ice. There’s more than 10 flavors now, including unusual choices like yam, soursop, black sesame, and mocha! Ricky and I shared a mango snow ice. It’s ginormous; I’d… 

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Togi Korean Restaurant

Today, I suddenly realized that it’s been AGES since we had Korean food. No, not those pseudo foodcourt sizzling meat on hotplates and pathetic kimchi, but authentic Korean food cooked by Koreans. We were in Chinatown. Since we’ve been to Jangwon, we decided to try Togi, a homestyle Korean diner just diagonally across the street.