Reunion dinner at 2nd Bro's

On the 7th day of Lunar New Year, my 2nd bro hosted this year’s reunion dinner at his home. For various reasons, most of us couldn’t make it on the LNY’s eve, as is the tradition, so we decided to have the family reunion dinner on the 7th day, which is also renri 人日, the common man’s birthday, the day that everyone is one year older.


"Abalone" yu sheng.

2nd sis-in-law prepared the yusheng ingredients, which I then plated. No, that’s not abalone, but canned king topshell, which tastes very similar to abalone but only at a fraction of its cost.

Instead of white and green radish, 2nd sis-in-law used fresh apple and Korean pear strips instead, making the yu sheng extra sweet, crunchy, and refreshing! I much prefer this fruit-based yu sheng to the usual version.


Prawn fritters.

Look at those huge prawn fritters! It was one of the faster-moving dishes.


Fried "pork chops".

These were tasty, but on the dry side as they were made with lean pork, not pork chops.


Fish fillets baked in foil.

I think these were sea bream fillets. Marinated in salt, black pepper, dried basil, and olive oil, then steam-baked in foil. Simple and healthy, but so fragrant and tasty. This definitely tasted better than it looked!


Stir-fried mushrooms medley.

Eldest sis-in-law adores mushrooms. This dish was also very popular. I think after the past few days of feasting and snacking, everyone was yearning for wholesome veggies!


Prawn and fruit salad.

I contributed three easy dishes. The fruit salad is simply canned fruit cocktail and fresh apple tossed in mayonnaise and a little lemon juice, then topped with steamed prawn.


Stir-fried cauliflower and broccoli.

Because we’d planned for this meal to feature more greens, I made this colorful vegetarian dish.


Rosemary and lemon chicken legs.

Instead of roasting a whole chicken, I used chicken legs instead, cos everyone in our family prefers dark meat. This way, we won’t have to fight over our favorite part!

Besides dinner at Eldest Bro and 2nd Bro’s, I also had to cook for the hubby’s family on LNY’s eve. After a week of mammoth grocery shopping, cooking, and cleaning, I’m really pooped! How did my mom get through so many Lunar New Years??



  1. says

    Oh my, what a colorful array of dishes!! Those prawn fritters, salad prawns, yu sang and the fish and the veggies…everything looks really wonderful!Bet you had a great feast:)
    Happy CNY to you!!:)

  2. Angelyn Chan says

    Wow, what a feast. Wish I can be part of your family. Always so many delicious food. Understood the craziness of grocery shopping, menu planning, food preparation, cooking and lastly, the cleaning up is too much to bear if one person is doing it all. As eldest daughter in my family, that duty was relegated to me. After doing it for a few years and other big occasions, I think I’m running away next year. Ha Ha.
    Oh yes, can you kindly share that prawn fritter recipe. Just couldn’t get the batter right. Can you kindly convert measurements to spoon rather than gram. Thanks.