CNY dinner at Eldest Bro's


"Big fish big meat"

On the second day of Chinese New Year, we had an informal dinner at eldest bro’s. As is the usual practice, we had a potluck.


Claypot fish head

Eldest sis-in-law made this dish. Under the huge fish head, there’s some more pieces of fish and chunks of taro. Hmm, come to think of it, this dish has lots of symbolism. The head represents a new beginning, while fish, taro, and vegetable are, respectively, homonyms for abundance, lucky headstart, and wealth.


Har cheong gai (prawn paste chicken)

She also prepared broccoli with prawns and har cheong gai. The chicken wings were not too salty and very crispy, yums!


Hae cho (fried prawn rolls)

This was made and given to eldest sis-in-law by a friend. Quite tasty!


Curry chicken

Because 2nd sis-in-law was out visiting all day, she only had time to cook one dish: curry chicken. Anyway, it’ll be her turn to host this coming Sunday, so she’ll have the chance to cook again!


Roast baby back ribs

I made these ribs using Sylvia Tan’s recipe from her cookbook Singapore Heritage Food. Very easy, and turned out pretty well, too. The ribs would have been more tender if I’d marinated them overnight, but our dinner was an impromptu thingy, so there wasn’t time for overnight marinating.


Nyonya chap chye (stewed cabbage and vegetables)

With so much meat and seafood, my chap chye (Hokkien for “mixed vegetables”) was quite popular! Eldest sis-in-law asked if I’d been inspired by The Little Nyonya! 🙂


Fried beehoon

Due to popular request, I made fried beehoon. It wasn’t as good this time, as fresh beansprouts were unavailable on the 2nd day of CNY. But it was still very fragrant due to the liberal use of fried shallots and shallot oil.

Eldest sis-in-law also made a very big and nourishing pot of soup (which I forgot to take a pic of).  After all that cooking and cleaning, it’s back to work before the weekend comes and we’ll have to get busy preparing for the next dinner party at 2nd Bro’s!



  1. Larissa says

    Hi, chanced upon your website. the baby ribs look really tasty. Do you think you can share the recipe with me please?

  2. Lambi says

    Your chicken curry looks scrumptious. Can you please share the recipe or ask your sis-in-law for it?

  3. says

    What’s a Nyonya chap chye? Is it spicy and how is it different from a regular chap chye?
    All the dishes look delicious! I could smell their rich aromas too!