Hello, kitty! Hello, Year of the Ox!

Happy Lunar New Year, everyone! Though the economic outlook for this year is rather gloomy, there’s still much to be grateful for, like family, health, and food on the table!


Hello Kitty says, "Goodbye, Mr Rat! Hello, Mr Ox!"

Yes, it’s the year of the ox, and there’s no cat among the 12 animals in the Chinese zodiac, but the feline is one of my favorite animals. So, combining my passion for this creature and his hobby, hubby Ricky made me this Hello Kitty paper model! Aww honey, you’re so sweet! 🙂


Cat-and-mouse game.

Here’s Hello Kitty next to my mouse, with a murderous look in her eye!


Rear view.

It looks simple, but actually it’s not easy to assemble, especially the curved head and the bobtail (so cute!). Ricky is a relatively experienced paper model hobbyist, but this Hello Kitty paper model still took him quite a number of hours.


Fine details.

Look at that curved bow and ear! So cute!


Toy story.

When we’re asleep at night, Hello Kitty and Ricky’s Stikfas action figure do battle on our desks, heh!

Update: You can download the Hello Kitty paper model for free from this link. The site is in Japanese, but just click on the .gif files to download.



  1. Suzanne says

    hmm…. the Tiger is from the cat family. Cute kitty paper model. I want one too!! Wanna look at the instructions carefully =] Happy Niu Year to you

  2. says

    Suzanne: You’re right, the tiger is a cat, too, a very big one! 🙂
    Sonya: You can use A4 paper, but you must use 200gsm paper. Normal 80gsm paper is too weak.
    conpanbear: Yes, I think it’s super kawaii too! You’re welcome! 🙂