Yuan Chun Famous Lor Mee


Queuing for famous lor mee.

Hubby works in Tanjong Pagar. Hubby likes to go to Amoy Food Centre for lunch. Hubby says the famous lor mee stall’s business is so good they occupy two units, has 6 people manning the stall, and at lunchtime, the queue snakes all the way to the staircase!

After hearing so much, of cos the wifey (me!) has to investigate!

But first, there’s something that bugs me! Is the stall name its original name? If yes, how did they know they were going to be famous? Foresight? Marketing strategy? Or did they have a “corporate re-branding” after they became “famous”?


Lor mee, S$3.00

Here’s what the “famous” lor mee (noodles with stewing gravy) looks like. Yellow Hokkien noodles with toppings (shark meat, braised pork belly slices, and sliced fritters) and gravy ladled over. The white stuff is white pepper.

Minimum order is S$2.00. Mine’s the S$2.00 portion, but upsized with more toppings.


Why so famous?

The gravy was excellent. Tasty and sleek, it coated the noodles beautifully. The consistency was perfect, and the noodles simply glided down the throat!

Sadly, that’s the only part I enjoyed. The toppings were rather mediocre, both in taste and quantity.

Also, I didn’t like it that they drenched the toppings in gravy, which made the crispy fritters soggy. Soon Heng‘s presentation is way better, and for the same price, they give more toppings and half a stewed egg!

Also, at Yuan Chun, they didn’t bother to ask me if I wanted chilli sauce and minced garlic, which is integral to the enjoyment of lor mee!

Overall, I was disappointed. Hubby also says he’s unimpressed. We definitely won’t queue here again!

Yuan Chun Famous Lor Mee
7 Maxwell Road
Amoy Street Food Centre

Open: 8:30am to 4pm
Closed on Mon & Tues