Outram Park Roasted Meat

My love for the roast meats here goes way back to when it used to be at the now-demolished Outram Park HDB estate. I remember my mom ordering a whole roast duck for special occasions.


Roast duck.

Now, it does a roaring business at the refurbished Chinatown Complex. A minimum 10-minute wait during lunch or dinner is the norm, longer if those in front of you in the queue are tar-powing multiple packets or ordering for big groups.

Unlike most roast meats stalls, they don’t have noodles on the menu, just rice. Just what makes the roast meats here so popular?

Roast duck: My favorite out of the three roast meats available. The skin is amazingly crisp and melt-in-the-mouth, while the meat is well-seasoned and incredibly juicy. I also like that it isn’t overwhelmingly flavored with five-spice powder, and the meat is still springy to the bite.


Char siew and roast pork.

Char siew: Oh, the char siew here is to-die-for! Like the duck, it’s so flavorful and juicy. This is due to the use of a fattier cut of meat, and because the stall owner doesn’t over-roast the meats, they still retain their succulence and bite. I also love the caramelized, charred bits!

Roast pork: The crackling here is extra crispy and the meat has a lovely smokiness and saltiness. But sometimes, the meat tends to be a bit dry.

Taste is highly subjective and personal. Some people might prefer their roast meats to be more on the tender side, but I really like the distinctive style of the meats here. In short, the meats here are succulent, fatty, bouncy, crisp on the skin, and flavorsome without the use of strong spices. Very old school, and simply smashing!

Prices start from S$2.50 for a plate of char siew rice. All the meats are roasted on the spot.

Outram Park Roasted Meat
Blk 335 Smith Street
Chinatown Complex Food Centre
Singapore 050335
Tel: 6224 4973

Open: 11am to 7pm
Closed on Wednesdays