Fish and calamari from Paddy's

Paddy’s want you to know that they are not your typical localized hawker/foodcourt western food, that’s why they implicitly state “Paddy’s – From Australia” on their signboard.


Fried fish and calamari, S$7.50.

I remember being very impressed with the fresh produce, generous sizing, and overall quality of food when I toured Aussieland. So how Aussie was the above plate of fish and calamari?

Fresh fish? Check.

Fresh calamari? Check.

Generous helping? Well…yes to the sizable pieces of fish and calamari. Would have liked some more of those “handcut potato wedges” which is a fancy name for rough cut potato chunks.

Quality? The fish batter was crisp and thin, but not as light as beer batter. The calamari batter was hardly crisp, bordering on soggy. Strange, thought the batter should be the same? Maybe different batches?

Good thing the calamari was nicely done, not rubbery. But both the fish and calamari were a little too oily.

Maybe the crumbed version would have turned out better. Yes, they offer a choice of crumbed or fried (battered), but I think the latter is a better test of the cook’s skills. I should know, because I still haven’t mastered the art of deep-frying battered foods!

Gripe: What’s it with fish and chips joints rationing their sauces? At Chippy’s, you have to choose the sauce you want, and they charge for refills! Here, I was also made to choose just one out of a few. Not sure if they charge for refills, though. Do diners consume so much sauces that these businesses see the need to have this practice?



Paddy’s – From Australia
163 Tanglin Road
B1-17 Tanglin Mall
(Inside Tasty Food Court Basement 1)
Singapore 247933



  1. says

    I think some do.. and it could be the workers.. they give out so much.. that the boss had to do this.. to stop them from giving out so much. It’s like the mcdonalds here.. when you asked for ketchup.. they give you like 10 bags of it.. which isn’t necessary. So if i were the boss of Mickey D .. i would be upset to . .but to be diplomatic about it.. we blame it on those that cannot hear us rant.. on them. That’s my logic.

  2. says

    Fish and chips is such a satisfying combo, but here in LA, you have to go to sit-down pubs to get a decent version. I’d love to have a food court/casual option like Paddy’s! I’d need ample sauce and dip-ables, though. 😛

  3. emily says

    They might be following the Aussie way to be truly authentic… sauces aren’t dished out free!