Eating at home – July 2008

Hey, I realized that it’s been a long time since I posted pictures of what we eat at home. Most of the time, I’ve no time to style the food, so the dishes are too ugly to be posted.


Chicken with bell pepper in oyster sauce.

But one day last month, I happened to have a day off work, resulting in the fairly presentable photo above. This is a classic one-dish meal. Very quick and easy to put together, and always a crowd pleaser. Sometimes, I use hoisin sauce instead of oyster sauce for a change.

The dishes that follow don’t look as good, cos I had to whip them up in a short time before the hungry hubby came home for dinner.

For our friends who think I don’t feed my skinny husband, here’s the proof that I DO feed him. What to do? He inherited his mom’s eat-and-eat-but-cannot-get-fat genes. Just my luck!


Squid with celery and carrot.

Weekday dinners usually consist of rice with two or three dishes, sometimes with a soup. As you can see from the inconsistent cuts on the squid, when in a hurry, my cutting skills are horrendous.


Lemongrass prawns in rendang paste.

Stir-frying is my comfort zone. It’s also great for throwing together bits of ingredients left in the fridge, like this dish above.

There was some leftover rendang paste, so I sauteed chopped lemongrass, added the paste and sauteed till it was very fragrant, added the prawns, some water, and voila! A new dish was born! Spicy, sweet, and extremely appetizing, we enjoyed this immensely.


Whitebait, bell pepper and onion scrambled omelette.

This was another use-up-leftover-ingredients dish. The bell pepper and onion were from the oyster sauce chicken, so I used them to jazz up a simple whitebait omelette.


Cabbage, carrot, and fresh shitake.

Stir-fried cabbage and carrot is a classic veggie dish that almost every Chinese household in Singapore does. Besides being easy to cook, it’s easy to get kids to eat this!


Stir-fried Chinese cabbage.

I know that because when I was a kid, I hated eating green, leafy veggies, too! Besides cabbage, the sweet and crunchy wong bok was one of those veggies that I liked.


Homemade char siew.

Mom-in-law got a free bottle of Lee Kum Kee char siew marinade when she bought oyster sauce of the same brand, so she gave it to me. Smart move! I make the char siew and then she gets to eat it.

Well, she didn’t get to try it after all. I think I let the meat marinade for too long (28 hours), so the meat turned out a bit too salty. Still, it was delicious with rice. I told MIL I’ll make another (better) batch for her.


Sunday brunch.

On Sundays, we often sleep in and indulge in a hearty brunch. Missing the full English breakfast from his college days in Manchester, I always get bugged by Ricky to make this on Sunday. Instead of bacon, I prefer chicken or pork chipolata. A very satisfying start to a leisurely Sunday, don’t you think?



  1. Dora says

    Been following your website for a while. I’ve tried out some of your home cooking recipes and they’re fabulous! Simple & homely. Miss seeing your home cooked meals, hope to see more recipes.