Hjh Maimunah Restaurant


A mini feast.

After a fun-filled Sony Alpha DSLR outdoor workshop at Kampong Glam, the empty tummies were growling to be filled. So off we headed to the nearby Hajah Maimunah for a yummy nasi padang lunch.

I was surprised to see that Hjh Maimunah now has a cleaner, more contemporary look with new countertops, furniture, re-tiled walls and floors, and A/C for both the main dining and the annex areas.

Thankfully, it’s still an unpretentious casual eatery serving a mind-boggling array of homestyle dishes at affordable prices. The lavish spread above only cost the two of us a pocket-friendly sum of S$17.30!


Pergedel (potato patty).

First up, the must-have pergedel/bergedel. Not as creamy nor tasty as Garuda Padang‘s, but has a more rustic feel.


Chicken rendang.

The spice paste is chunky and aromatic without being too rich. I actually preferred Garuda Padang’s sweeter, more redolent version, but that’s at double the price and comes with sucky service.


Sambal sotong.

Calamari rings cooked just right without being rubbery in a zingy, chilli paste. Hubby, who’s not into seafood, didn’t care much for this.


Sweet and sour fish.

What’s a Chinese dish doing here? Well, being a sucker for sweet and sour fish, I gave in to curiosity. Not so impressive sauce, but the fish fillets in eggy batter were pleasant.


Stir-fried Chinese spinach.

The obligatory veggie dish. Nothing to shout about. No, wait, there is! There was an “extra” ingredient of animal origin that wasn’t supposed to be in this dish. Hubby and I were horrified; the nonchalant staff just casually apologized for the faux pas before replacing the dish, as if this was something they encountered everyday. Hmm…


Crispy tempe and ikan bilis (anchovies) with honey.

Ooh, I absolutely adore this dish! I don’t usually enjoy tempe, but this is delicious enough to snack on its own!

It was a pleasant meal, but I remember enjoying the food a lot more previously than I did this time. The dishes seemed to have lost their burst of flavors, still nice but not as “shiok” (satisfying) as before. I also miss the old world charm of the pre-renovated Hjh Maimunah. Sure it wasn’t as comfortable, but it just made the whole experience that much more authentic.

Total bill: S$17.30 for all dishes above, plain rice for two, and two glasses of lime juice. Prices for individual dishes vary depending on portion and ingredient.

Hjh Maimunah Restaurant
11/15 Jalan Pisang
Singapore 199078
Tel: (65) 6291 3132

URL: www.hjmaimunah.com

P.S. The photos in this post were taken with a Sony Alpha DSLR-350. Do you think there was any significant difference between the photos in previous posts? Please feel free to comment!



  1. says

    Hey your previous post photos were quite nice already. I thought those were taken with the Sony Alpha DLSR, no ah?
    Errr…what was the “extra ingredient” in the spinach? Larvae of indefinite species?
    Been wanting to go to Hjh Maimunah too, since I live quite nearby, but never quite got the chance. Now it seems to have lost its soul?

  2. says

    Piggy, with your superb cooking skills, I’m sure you’ll have no problem whipping this up at home!
    Hi Camemberu, no, the previous pics are taken with a point-n-shoot, heh, more handy and discreet!
    Haha, how well you put it! 😛 Yes, it was indeed a larvae, but of a definite species which shall not be named. Of rather substantial size, too!