Inle Myanmar (Marina Square)

My very first taste of Myanmar cuisine! Recommended by Gary, this is a recently opened branch; the original outlet at Peninsula Plaza is already an established joint frequented by Myanmar nationals living in Singapore.


Myanmar pork curry, S$7.50 for the set with butter rice, soup, and shrimp paste.

I’ve never been to Myanmar before, so I don’t know how authentic it is. But as far as food goes, I liked everything I tried!

Gary and the hubby both had the Myanmar pork curry set meal. The curry resembled thick rendang gravy, not the more diluted version of curry that we know. Chunky cubes of meat infused with a unique blend of aromatic spices. Flavorful and not too spicy. Very yummy!


Butter rice.

I only tried a little of the rice, cos it was actually quite a small serving. It was faintly flavored, good for some people who don’t like the strong smell of butter.


Shrimp paste.

The shrimp paste is very much like our local hay bee hiam, which is crispy-fried pounded dried shrimp and spices. Like the curry, the flavors were well-balanced and aromatic without being too spicy.


Mohinga (thin rice noodle in fish broth), S$8.90 for the set with gourd fritters.

The menu listed this item as being the most famous traditional rice noodle dish of Myanmar. Well, of course I had to begin my foray into Myanmar cuisine with one of its “national” dishes!

According to the menu, Mohinga is supposedly served with the fish cake, egg, and chickpea fritters. I think they forgot my fish cake.

Still, the thick fish broth was nothing I’ve ever tried. There’s a distinctive flavor about it, which grows on you. I suspect the sweetness in the broth was due to the generous amount of shallots used, as seen floating on top.

But what I actually loved the most was the crispy chickpea fritters. Very more-ish! You’ve gotta eat them first before they get soggy!


Bu Tee Kway (gourd fritters).

The gourd fritters were fantastic, too. Amazingly, the batter was very thin and light, and hardly greasy. Inside, there was a single strip of refreshing green gourd. I enjoyed the contrast of the crispy, hot batter against the sweet coolness of the gourd.

The accompanying dip is a sauce of tamarind and chilli, which add a lovely spicy and sour edge to the fritters.

I would have loved to explore the desserts, but the guys were in a hurry to go snap pictures of the fireworks at Marina Bay, so this was a quick dinner.

Overall impression: the food here is prepared with experienced hands, with skill and well-rounded flavors. Friendly service by the young Myanmar servers added authenticity, though there were a couple of hiccups. Prices are reasonable, too. I’ll be back!

Prices shown do not include 10% service charge.

Inle Myanmar
6 Raffles Boulevard
#02-201 Marina Square
Singapore 039534
Tel: (65) 6338 8772




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    Yum!!! I wish I could try some Mohinga. I love traditional dishes, really getting a taste of a culture’s flavors. I’ll have to keep my eyes open for myanmar food in Oregon!

  2. says

    looks yummy! I’ve been passing by the one at peninsula but never got a chance to step right in, never had Burmese food before too.

  3. says

    Hi Oakley, I think Myanmar food is slowly making its way into the food scene. I’m sure you’ll get to try some mohinga soon! 🙂
    Thanks, SOooUP!
    edwin, they have an extensive menu, I’m sure you’ll find something you like! 🙂