Bi bim myun (instant ramen with sweet spicy sauce)

Bi bim = mix, myun = noodles.

We hardly eat instant noodles at home, keeping some packs only for emergency situations, but I must confess to having a soft spot for Korean instant ramyun.

Especially popular among Korean kids is this non-soupy, dry version. It’s a cold noodle dish — instant ramyun boiled, drained, cooled, and then dressed in sweet, vinegary gochujang (hot chilli paste).

Toppings are entirely optional, of course! I jazzed things up with fresh lettuce, tomatoes, ham, and omelette strips to make it a more wholesome and substantial meal. The noodles in the above photo look pale-ish cos I didn’t add the entire sauce pack in case it was too spicy, but later I added more.

Not bad, we liked it a lot! Very appetizing, especially on a hot day! Won’t be eating this often, though, cos processed foods are not so healthy.


Paldo bi bim myun.

Can’t remember the exact price, should range between S$1.50 to S$2.00, available at most Korean grocery stores. The apple image on the package says that there’s apple puree added to the sauce mix. Apparently, this Paldo brand is sweeter; another brand Samyang’s bi bim myun is spicier and more tangy.

The instructions on the package are in Korean, but I managed to find the cooking instructions on the manufacturer’s website, reproduced below:

1. Put the noodle & enclosed sachet into the boiling water(550cc).

2. Leave it for 3~4 min.

3. Remove the noodle from boiling water.

4. Wash noodle in cold water 2~3 times.

5. Mix noodle with paste soup well and ready to serve.



  1. says

    Those toppings look wonderful! I’ve had bi bim myun a million times, but usually just with cucumber or kimchi. What a great summer dish!

  2. says

    looks quite tempting leh…. now wondering where is the nearest korean grocery store nearest to my home.
    i love the spicy korean instant noodles, always gives me a great satisfaction!

  3. says

    Marie, you’re right! And since it’s “summer” all year round in S’pore, it’s a great dish to have anytime! 🙂
    Keropokman, are you referring to Shin ramyun? Yeah, it rocks, but too spicy for me. I usually go for the kimchi ramyun.
    Hi kevinn6, I bought this pack at Shine Korea at Burlington Square, Bencoolen Street.