CHIPPY British Take Away (The Central)


Beer-battered fish and chips, S$4.60.

Gosh! The Central is a ghost town on weekday afternoons! Two Fridays ago I was early for a 5pm appointment and snooped around the place. Most shops didn’t have a single customer.

At CHIPPY, there was no one in sight, so I rapped on the tall counter and a head popped up as if abruptly awoken from a nap meditation. The lone sullen youngster manning the kiosk then proceeded to fry up my order of fish n chips.

Not having very high expectations, I was pleasantly surprised that it managed to hit the spot! Perhaps my order was cooked a la minute; the fish and fries were piping hot and crispy.

Some people complain that the batter is a bit too thick for their taste, but thankfully, it’s quite light. As the batter cools, it loses its crispness, but then, the food doesn’t last that long in my hands anyway.

At S$4.60 for 10 finger-sized fish pieces and some fries, it’s a pretty good deal for a filling snack, too.

CHIPPY British Take Away
6 Eu Tong Sen St.
B1-42 The Central (Clarke Quay MRT)
Singapore 059817

*There are other outlets at Far East Plaza and Raffles City.