Soon Heng Food Delights

Lor mee is a tricky dish to master. In the wrong hands, it can turn out to be a horrible, icky mess of goo. That was my memory of lor mee since childhood, so, for most of my life, I’ve avoided it. Besides, who needs lor mee when there’s char kway teow?

A few years ago, I took the plunge and tried Soon Heng’s lor mee. What a revelation! Who knew lor mee could taste this good? Well, it still isn’t on the top of my list for hawker food, but at least another door has opened.


Lor mee, S$3.00.

Soon Heng has had a faithful following for over 20 years, but their business got even better after being featured on TV. Oh no, I thought, it’s all downhill from here! From personal experience, food quality drops because the owners cannot cope or they get too cocky with fame.


I like the toppings more than the lor or the mee...

The other day, I thought I’d revisit Soon Heng. Here’s the lowdown:

The good: The best part of the lor mee is the tasty fried ngoh hiang and fish (shark!) fritters. I don’t see why they can’t use other fish, though the shark flesh was firmer and was nice to chew on. I also liked the kickass chilli sauce and flavorful gravy. It’s nice to see that the lady boss takes pains to arrange the toppings immaculately.

The bad: Portion is skimpy. This is the upsized S$3.00 version, yet very little noodles, and only one slice of braised pork!

Conclusion: Still tastes good. Not the best on the island but one of the better ones. The penny-conscious might want to spend their 3 bucks on other more tummy-filling options.

Soon Heng Food Delights
Blk 6 Tanjong Pagar Road
Tanjong Pagar Market & Food Centre
Singapore 081006



  1. says

    I’ve never been into lor me.. because .. i donch like thick gravy.. but when i come home.. i’m gonna give it another chance.

  2. ah ting says

    Actually, i am a fan of lor mee. There is this place caled loyang point (around pasir ris st 21) where this fishball stall in one of the food court (the one nearest to the spectacle shop at lvl 2) sells lor mee and to me its Very nice! Maybe you should try it one day!

  3. says

    Mama Bok, I dun particularly like thick gravy either, but don’t mind it once in a while!
    Hi ah ting, thanks for the tip! I’ll keep it in mind the next time I’m in the area!

  4. says

    On the contrary, I prefer lor mee over SG version of char kuay teow. 😉 It’s hard to find a good one nowadays, and I’ll definitely give this stall a try when I’m back in town.

  5. says

    Hi Piggy, maybe you’ll start to miss SG char kway teow when you’re away long enough! I’m sure you’ll miss this as well as many other dishes when you’re in Saudi. Wishing you all the best in your new home! 🙂