Garuda Padang Cuisine (Vivocity)

I’m gonna be brutally harsh and declare that I’m never coming back to this place. Ditto the hubby who has even more brutal things to say, but this is a family-friendly blog so let’s just leave it as that.


Gulai ikan kakap (fish curry), S$7.00.

Actually, we enjoyed the food. The fish curry gravy was a delightful blend of spicy, sweet, savory, and creamy, with just a hint of tanginess to round out all the flavors. Firm and fresh was the sea bream flesh.


Rendang ayam (chicken rendang), S$4.80.

At first, the rendang paste seemed too salty, but slowly, the richness and complexity of the nutty spice paste set in, ending on a note of sweetness. Yums, but can you ignore that layer of oil?


Tumis kangkung (stir-fried kangkung), S$6.00.

Fearing our delicate tummies could not stomach the barrage of spices, we requested our kangkung to be fried without the usual spicy belachan. Satisfactory but unremarkable.


Pergedel sapi (potato & minced beef croquettes), S$1.50 each.

A perennial favorite, the pergedel had a nicely seasoned, creamy interior, with a fairly crisp exterior. In the background are free accompaniments of blended red and green chilli. Surprisingly delish and goes well with plain rice.

So, what’s not to like? Plenty!

Price: Too pricey! The portions are stingy and don’t deserve their high price tags.

Although plain rice is free flow, it’s S$2.00 per person! TWO freaking bucks! You can buy a kilo of uncooked rice at that rate! FairPrice house brands are even cheaper.

Service: What service? We were snubbed from start to finish.

Snub 1: It was a Monday night; only 1/4 of the restaurant was occupied. We stood waiting at the reception desk for 2 minutes; no one came forth.

So we walked into the middle of the restaurant, looking lost for another 2 minutes before one wait staff pointed to the glass display area, “Go pick your food there”.

It was very odd, having to choose from prepared dishes in bain maries as if we were ordering economic rice. This concept didn’t fit in with the chic, modern minimalist decor and water served in elegant wine glasses.

Snub 2: We ordered lime juice and ice lemon tea. They never came. We canceled the orders when we asked for the bill.

Snub 3: Our water glasses were never refilled.

Snub 4: They mistakenly billed us S$25 for fish head curry, when we’d ordered fish curry that says S$6.00 on the menu. They charged us S$7.00 on the second bill, but by that time, we were too upset to question them.

Snub 5: No “welcome” when we stepped in, no “sorry, we forgot your beverages”, no “sorry, we billed you the wrong item”, no “thank you, please come again”. Nada. Zilch. Zero.

Hey, I’m not asking for Ritz Carlton service. But how about some basic courtesy?

Conclusion: Great-tasting food (but cold), over-priced dishes, sucky attitude from wait staff. If you can put up with the last two, please, feel free to check out Garuda Padang Cuisine.

Total bill, inclusive of 10% service charge & 7% GST, was S$29.20 for two extremely disgruntled diners.

Garuda Padang Cuisine (Vivocity)
1 Harbourfront Walk
B2-28 Vivocity
Singapore 098585
Tel: (65) 6376 9595




  1. says

    Hi ice and Mama Bok, even McDonald’s customer service is way better! And this is a restaurant under the famed Tung Lok group!

  2. says

    Yup, I had the exact same experience with the Vivo branch and I really think that their food is overpriced as well. Their other branch at Cairnhill provides better service though.

  3. says

    Hi Piggy, better service at the Cairnhill branch, huh? Hmm, still not convinced I’ll go back cos of the overpriced food.