Dinner at Globetrotters Restaurant and some home meals

Tonight’s dinner was a rambunctious gathering of Ricky’s pals and their families. Total: 12 adults and 7 kids. Naturally the venue was a family-friendly restaurant, Globetrotters.


Crusted fish.

I wasn’t going to go around taking photos of 19 meals! So I only took 3. The above is Celine’s crusted fish. Forgot to ask her whether she liked it.


Beef goulash.

Ricky’s beef goulash. The mound in the center is mashed potato. He said the beef was tender and overall quite a flavorful dish.


Fish with some kind of cream sauce.

Mine’s some sort of pan-fried fish with some sort of cream sauce, served with mashed potato and sauteed vegetables. The mash was very creamy, and the fish was perfectly done.

This place touts itself as family-friendly, and I must say the prices are quite pocket-friendly, too. If I remember correctly, the mains are S$10 nett each. My only grouse is that the portions are quite small.



Earlier in the afternoon, I thought I’d make some chocolate cupcakes for the kids. Of course, the parents got some, too!


...and after.

They looked kinda boring, so I frosted the cupcakes with chocolate ganache and colorful sprinkles! They were a hit! It’s amazing what some simple frosting can do. 🙂

Some readers ask me if I eat out all the time, seeing I blog so much about eating out. Truth is, we mostly eat at home, but home meals are simple affairs, especially weekends when I do the weekly household chores (notice it’s “I”, not we).


Lousy attempt at pad thai.

This was yesterday’s (Saturday) dinner. My pad thai didn’t turn out well — too bland and clumpy — cos I was feeling very tired and grumpy. The hubby said it was ok. Well, he had spent the last 2 weeks in reservist training, so any food would certainly taste better than army food!


Zucchini, ham, and spring onion Korean pancake.

This was Sunday morning breakfast. I like experimenting with different combinations for Korean pancake. This was not bad, but would have tasted better with the addition of onion.


Opor ayam premix.

I had bought this while on vacation in Bali. Opor ayam, eaten during Ramadan celebrations in Indonesia, is a mild version of curry; it isn’t as spicy as Singapore-style curry, and is thicker and creamier.


Opor ayam = chicken in coconut gravy.

Although I carefully followed the instructions, the gravy was diluted and lacked aroma.

Quickly, I gathered all the aromatics I could find in my kitchen and threw them into the pot: shallot, ginger, red chilli, and chopped coriander. Then I tried to thicken the gravy with evaporated milk (I had run out of coconut milk). The end result was quite delicious, but nothing like opor ayam!



  1. says

    Nice food….after my jajangmyun, I wanted to try Korean pancake today, not pajon or kimchijon but seafood jon but was just too busy today. I actually love this dish and will blog next week on this. Thanks for reminding me with your pics. Got to eat them already in my mind…haha.

  2. says

    After trying out different combos, I think seafood (vs meat) works best for Korean pancake! But sometimes, I’m just too lazy to clean squids or shell and devein prawns. 🙂