Hainanese Delicacy


Chicken rice, S$4.00.

Sandwiched among a row of salons, this dinky shop pulls in the crowds with its specialty, Hainanese boneless chicken rice. They also have roast chicken as option 2.

While having a haircut in the same building last week, my stylist remarked, “Eh, you know the chicken rice shop next door? Full house everyday, you know!”

Interest piqued, I checked it out for lunch yesterday. True enough, it was full house. But partly also due to half the shop area being taken up by the kitchen.

Luckily, turnover was high — people ate and left quickly — so I didn’t wait long for a seat. The smiling boss (I assume) was efficient in ushering and clearing the tables. Orders were swiftly taken and plates of food flew out of the kitchen fast and furious. Great teamwork here, I’m impressed!

So, how’s the food? Surprising good, I must say! I wasn’t expecting much, but the chicken meat was moist, firm, and smooth. In fact, I think it was flavorful enough to do without the soy sauce dressing.

Even the skin was yummy! I don’t normally eat boiled chicken skin, but here, the skin had been properly chilled till it had firmed up and was crunchy and not oily.

The rice could have been more fragrant, but this can be overlooked for being fluffy and non-greasy. This must be one of the lightest chicken rice I’ve had! But the garlic lime chilli was too mild; not sour nor spicy enough.

Final thoughts: This place is a pleasant find in Orchard Road. Four bucks ain’t cheap for chicken rice, but it is cheap by Orchard Road standards. I’ll probably swing by again, maybe next time I’ll try the roast chicken and see how it compares to the boiled version.

Hainanese Delicacy
14 Scotts Road
Far East Plaza
Singapore 228213
Tel: (65) 6734 0639