Nuts from Isetan Hokkaido Fair

In case some of you are thinking this post is about a bunch of loonies, well, it’s not.

But I did go nutty over the amazing sights and sounds at the Isetan Hokkaido Fair (they have this once or twice a year). A myriad of scallops, dried, grilled, or with cheese! Fresh dango! Whole king crabs at S$130, anyone? Too pricey? How about a sweet Yubari melon at just S$86??


Assortment of seaweed, shrimp, and squid-flavored nuts.

So I just ogled at most of the stuff, far too expensive or too exotic for me to buy. But when I saw the snack nuts, resistance was futile! Me love Japanese crunchy coated nuts!

There were so many different kinds to choose from, and free sampling too! But they were quite expensive; S$5.80 for a 100-gram pack, S$15 for 3 packs. So I sampled all and picked three favs out of many favs. Tough choice!

In the pic above, these are similar to the Kasugai brand snack nuts I normally rely on, but much bigger in size. I find them to be fresh and flavorful without the commercial, MSG taste.


Sugar-coated peanuts.

I don’t know what these beautiful green orbs are, but I’m in love with them! Like the mixed nuts, they are also peanuts battered with rice flour, and then coated with sugar. I don’t think the green flavoring is green tea. Overall, it’s refreshing and thankfully not as sweet as it looks.



Ooh, I love amanatto, but it’s only at Japanese food fairs that I see them! Unlike the savoury coated nuts above, amanatto is a kind of wagashi (candy). It’s made by simmering beans in syrup, then drying and coating them with sugar.

These purplish-black amanatto are the hugest I’ve ever seen; those I’ve tried before were made of red beans or black beans. The lady vendor there couldn’t tell me what kind of bean it was. From the shape, I suspect it’s lima bean.


S$15 for three 100-gram packs.

I bought these at the Isetan Scotts fair, which has since ended and moved on to Isetan Tampines Mall (4 July – 13 July 2008). This means you have just 4 more days to grab these nuts!