Dmado Turkish Ice Cream

After our bak kut teh lunch, the hubby and I went for a leisurely stroll around Clarke Quay, stopping to gawk at people who pay 45 bucks to be tossed and swung in the air thrill-seekers doing the Reverse Bungy and Xtreme Swing.


From left: Mango and pistachio ice cream, S$3.00 each.

We also stopped for Turkish ice cream at a kiosk called Dmado Turkish Ice Cream.


Churning the ice cream.

I love Turkish ice cream! Also known as dondurma, the texture is chewier and stretchier than commercially produced ice cream. That’s why you see the Turkish ice cream man regularly churning the ice cream, to keep it pliable.

Also, it is traditionally made of goat’s milk, but I doubt if the Turkish ice cream we had was made purely out of goat’s milk as goat’s milk is ultra expensive in Singapore.

Goat’s milk or not, I love Turkish ice cream for being so smooth, so creamy (in a non-cloying way), and mildly sweet and refreshing. The flavors available that day were: Vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, mango, and pistachio.


Get ready to be teased!

Of course, part of the fun about Turkish ice cream is the antics of the ice cream man! I’m not going to spoil the fun for you by giving spoilers! Just a note: Kids and ladies tend to get teased more than guys. You’ve been warned!