Seoul Yummy Korean Casual Dining

Not so yummy. In short, that’s the overall impression I have of Seoul Yummy after a late lunch there on a weekday. By the way, is it just me or are you also confused by the odd layout of Square 2?


Cold Korean spaghetti (S$7.80)

An Italian-inspired version of bibim myeon (mixed cold noodles), this dish substitutes thin, silky somen noodles with chewy spaghetti, an update that doesn’t quite work.

First, the key component here, the gochujang (chilli paste), wasn’t vinegary nor sweet enough. So I had to pile on the sauce, which meant everything kept getting spicier, but just not sour nor sweet enough. The balance of flavors was just not there!

Second, the dense spaghetti simply refused to soak up the sauce. Add the bland kimchi and shredded fresh vegetables, the whole dish, was frankly, quite tedious to chew through.

Another gripe: Noodles and veggies not cold enough. Yes, for cold noodles to work, everything has to be properly chilled so that the dish will be refreshing.


Kimchi mandoo (S$4.80)

At first bite, the steamed kimchi dumplings reminded me of xiao long bao. Very juicy and soupy indeed. The skin was quite soft too. But I thought they were too sour; have eaten other kimchi dumplings with a better balance of flavor. As a result, the accompanying vinegar and chilli powder dip was quite unnecessary.

Overall, a very unimpressive experience. Actually, both items were the chef’s recommendations on the menu. If so, I wonder what the non-recommended items would be like?

It was only later that I realized (from the business card) that Seoul Yummy is run by the same people behind Kim Dae Mun! The one at Meridien Hotel foodcourt is still my favorite. It’s run by the matriarch, and though prices have gone up, the portions are generous and the BBQ hotplates still fabulous as ever! I’d much rather go there anytime!

Total bill: Food + barley tea (S$1.20) + taxes = S$16.20

10 Sinaran Drive
#03-68, Square 2
(next to Novena Square)
Singapore 307506
Tel: (65) 6397 6939



  1. says

    Seoul Yummy is run by the daughter of Kim Dae Mun’s owner, guess that’s the reason behind the bastardisation of food here. Inapt mastery of skills?
    The matriarch is still manning the stall at Le Meridien though. 🙂