Poy Kee Yong Tau Foo

In People’s Park Food Centre, there are 3 yong tau foo stalls, all very well-known. They sell the traditional kind, not the modern version where you pick from a whole buffet of factory-made stuff. And since when did thawed chicken franks become part of yong tau foo (YTF)? Anyway, years ago when I worked in… 

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Fishball kway teow soup

Whenever I’m under the weather, I hanker for non-greasy, soupy stuff, like the Teochew fishball kway teow soup above. In hawker centers, it’s quite standard to find at least a stall selling fishball noodles, where you can choose from a variety of noodles and have them prepared dry-tossed or in soup. This was from a… 

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Palm Beach Seafood Restaurant

Happy Fathers’ Day to all fathers! How did you celebrate this day? Today, sister-in-law suggested treating my father-in-law to dinner at Palm Beach Seafood Restaurant. At Palm Beach, there’s no view of palms or the beach. In fact, if dining indoors, there’s not even the view of the marina because of renovation works going on…. 

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Uno Beef House (Dover branch)

Most hawker center or coffee shop “western food” are pretty forgettable, but I’m impressed with Uno Beef House. Their signature dish is, naturally, the steak (choose from sirloin, ribeye, and tenderloin), which spectacularly arrives on a sizzingly hot plate and looks absolutely scrumptious. I try to stay away from beef, so can’t comment on the… 

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Making zongzi for Dragon Boat Festival

This year, Dragon Boat Festival fell on Sunday, June 8. On Saturday, Mommy and I made zongzi. It’s been a few years since my mom made zongzi, and I missed eating her homemade zongzi so much. This year is the first time I’m helping her to make them.

First Thai Food

At one end of Purvis Street (next to North Bridge Road), there’s Yhingthai Palace, serving exquisite Thai food with elegant furnishings and impeccable service to match. That’s where you go if you’ve got a big, fat wallet. For those with shallow pockets (yup, that’s me), walk down to the other end of the street, where… 

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Seoul Yummy Korean Casual Dining

Not so yummy. In short, that’s the overall impression I have of Seoul Yummy after a late lunch there on a weekday. By the way, is it just me or are you also confused by the odd layout of Square 2? An Italian-inspired version of bibim myeon (mixed cold noodles), this dish substitutes thin, silky… 

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