See Sean Rice Stall


Sweet and sour pork, S$10.00

This zi-char (Chinese stir-fries) stall has been around for as long as I can remember. My late father, who had a business nearby, favored them over other zi-char stalls in the same food centre for their fresh ingredients and tasty, consistent cooking. For the two years I worked at the family business, my dad frequently tar-powed (bought take-out) their Hainanese chicken rice and stir-fried hor-fun for our lunch.

So, on Saturday evening, when Ricky had an errand to run in Chinatown, I jumped at the chance to revisit See Sean (say “see sin”, not “see Shawn”).

I haven’t had their sweet and sour pork before, and was surprised to see the fried pork cubes in a brownish sauce instead the normal shade of red. They probably used HP and/or A1 sauce as the seasoning base. The fruity sauce had the right balance of tartness and sweetness, and is way better than some artificially bright, red sweet sour sauces I’ve tried.

It was also nice that the pork cubes weren’t smothered in gluey, starchy sauce, so they still retained some of their crispiness.


Hotplate tofu, S$10.00

One of my favorites was the hotplate tofu, which I adored. It’s the most generous hotplate tofu versions I know — there are other ingredients like fish, pork, prawns, mushrooms, broccoli, French beans, carrot, and baby corn — and it always came sizzling hot, spitting and spewing fumes as it arrived!

Well, it did come sizzling, although this time the presentation was a bit sloppy. But it certainly tasted better than it looked! Paired with rice, it’s a meal in itself. First, beaten egg is poured over a heated iron plate, and then the stir-fried tofu in oyster sauce gravy is poured over. By the time it arrives on the table, the egg has cooked to the perfect consistency. Mmm…!

See the fish heads hanging in the glass display?

See the fish heads hanging in the glass display?

Apparently, they have a new signature dish, the claypot Song fish head. You can see some of the deep-fried fish heads hanging in the glass display above. Maybe I’ll give it a go the next time.

See Sean Rice Stall
32 New Market Road
New Market Road Food Centre (more popularly known as “People’s Park Food Centre”)
Singapore 050032




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    I haven’t been to Singapore for the longest time and your post brought back so many lovely memories! Ah, for rice stall food!

  2. says

    like your blog! thanks for sharing..
    i sure love sweet and sour sauce. someone once told me it’s used to mask the taste of slightly old meats…i think that is total bollocks. no one can resist a slight tangy fruity taste to meat that’s for sure.