Egg tarts from Fancy Delight

Every Saturday, I’m the dutiful daughter-in-law who accompanies her mother-in-law to Tanjong Pagar market for her weekly grocery shopping. There’s a little shop near the famous muffin place that has also made a name for itself selling little egg tarts, although its queue isn’t quite as long as that of the muffin place.


Cup-shaped egg tarts, S$1.20 each.

Don’t be fooled by the close-up shots, these egg tarts are tiny. Measuring 6 cm tall and 4 cm wide, they’re unlike the delicate, thin-crust egg tarts we are used to. The pastry here, radically different from the oil and water dough pastry of Chinese-style egg tarts, is thick and crisp, tasting almost like digestive biscuits. The custard, while smooth, is eggier and denser. Although small, eating just one makes me feel full. I think these tarts were made for guys. Well, men aren’t the most delicate of eaters. Here, the crusts don’t disintegrate readily, the tarts hold their shape up after biting into them, and they are pretty filling.


Mushroom chicken tart

Although what they’re selling is a basic egg tart, I have to give credit to the business-savvy creator(s) for giving variety to the customer, coming up with 10 variations. There are two savoury tarts, one is the mushroom chicken above. Reminds me of a quiche, which is essentially what it is!


Taiwanese egg tart

Here’s the basic egg tart. The top surface of the custard looks like the Portuguese egg tart. I like that the custard isn’t too sweet, but it’s a little too “eggy” for my liking.


Chocolate egg tart

I was expecting more chocolate, but there were only some chocolate chips sprinkled on the top.


Strawberry egg tart

Ain’t the strawberry egg tart a lovely shade of pink? I picked it cos it looked so pretty! Tasted quite good too, with a faint berry fragrance and sweet-tangy jam to offset the egginess.

There are other toppings, like kaya, banana, corn, blueberry, apple cinammon, and pepper chicken. Would I try them out? Probably not, as I predict they’ll be largely similar to what I’ve tried. While I won’t mind eating Fancy Delight’s tarts occasionally, I prefer my egg tarts to be lighter in taste, ie. with a thinner or flakier crust and less “eggy” custard.

Fancy Delight
1 Tanjong Pagar Plaza
Singapore 082001


*Address of other outlets are listed on its website



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    i remember eating this. they are quite delicious eh? 😉
    but i have not tried the strawberry one though. maybe some other day 😉