The Dining Room @ Sheraton Towers


Fish and chips, S$21.00

Ricky and I took my mom to The Dining Room for a relaxing Sunday dinner. We’ve always enjoyed the elegance here, especially the view of the waterfall through the tall ceiling-to-floor glass windows. Surprisingly, only a handful of tables were occupied.

The ala carte menu seems to be more limited than I remember. Mom had the fish and chips. We thought it was a dish that shouldn’t be that hard for a 5-star hotel to execute. While it looked great, the inside of the battered fish was soggy. Yes, soggy, not juicy. Not that it wasn’t fresh or uncooked, but it just wasn’t quite right.

The portions were huge, though. Mom couldn’t finish the piles of fries and fresh salad that came along with it. The fries were pretty good, too bad we were seated right under the air-conditioning so they turned cold and hard too quickly.


Beef burger, S$19.00

Another mountain of fries, and a super thick patty. The hubby was in a fix. “How to assemble and eat such a thick burger?” Yes, we have yet to master the knack of eating this kind of “gimme the works” burger. Seriously, how do you hold a plateful of food between two buns??

Strange touch of sliced avocados, but Ricky said the caramelized onions and pickles were lovely, especially the pickle that was crunchy and not too sour, good enough to enjoy on its own.


Nasi goreng, S$19.00

I’ve always liked hotel-style nasi goreng (Indonesian fried rice) because of the luxurious sides that make it look like such a good deal. While the chicken satay was fragrant and tender, the rendang chicken was quite dry. The two huge prawns had huge heads. What little flesh they had was neither sweet nor succulent. Worse, one of them had mushy flesh! The achar was ok, the rice was unremarkable. Considering the cons outweigh the pros, the nasi goreng was a major letdown.

As usual, the service here was great, although once they forgot our request for water, and we had to remind them. Since we were stuffed by the American-sized portions, we skipped desserts. I remember the quality of food here used to be better. Or maybe now they place more attention on their buffets rather than ala carte (I know their buffets are quite popular). While it’s a pleasant place for an afternoon cuppa, I won’t be back for a main meal.

Total bill after service charges, taxes and credit card discounts was about S$60.

The Dining Room
Sheraton Towers Singapore
39 Scotts Road
Singapore 228230




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    Now that’s a bummer..! but i’ve always loved sheraton .. and the coffee shop .. with the waterfall.. so romantic. eh.. 🙂