The Sweet Stone Parad’Ice

Update: This stall is no longer in operation.


Waffle set B - Two waffles and one Belgian chocolate dip (S$4.20)

Authentic western cuisine in hawker centres? Yes, it’s an increasing trend here in Singapore. With escalating rents, budding food entrepreneurs are finding the low rents and high human traffic of hawker centres a viable alternative to test their new start-ups.

Belgian Sebastian Lhode and Singaporean James Lee are the guys behind “ang moh desserts” Sweet Stone Parad’Ice. They decided to launch their business at Golden Mile Food Centre because low rental rates was the only way they could make their products with top quality ingredients while keeping prices reasonable.

Indeed, the Belgian chocolate dip was oh-so divine! Thick and bitter-sweet, this was truly top-grade chocolate. The waffles are not quite what local palates are used to. They are dense, with a sugary, crispy coating on the outside. Sebastian assured me that his waffles taste good even if I reheat them at home the next day, but come on, how can I resist them for that long?!


Homemade banana gelato (S$1.80)

They also have a selection of homemade gelato that varies daily. Made with no preservations or artificial flavorings, the gelato here are quite popular, though those who are used to commercial ice cream might find the gelato too bland due to the lack of flavorings. While I appreciate the au naturel factor, I do feel the gelato could benefit from more ingredients for a stronger taste.

To reward loyal customers, Sweet Stone Parad’Ice has a loyalty card program. Now that’s a first for a hawker centre business!

The Sweet Stone Parad’Ice
Golden Mile Food Centre
Blk 505 Beach Road
Singapore 199583



  1. says

    Hi, thank you so much for writing us a great review. By the way, we have just opened a second outlet at Old Airport Road Food Centre (aka Kallang Airport Hawker Centre) serving these desserts. Hope that you will give us the same support. 🙂

  2. Lynda says

    I was the sweet stone located at the old airport road food centre after dinner today. Since this outlet was open, on Sunday evenings, my kids will request for ice-cream and waffles.
    I order 2 waffles plus 1 scoop of ice-cream and was given another free scoop as I redeemed for “welcome gift” as it will expirying in a week time. Half-way thru the ice-cream, my 5yo son spotted a metal piece on the plastic spoon. I thank god for the fact that my boy spotted the metal piece before plcaing the spoon in his mouth. I am very afraid to think what would have happened to him if he had swallow that metal piece. I quickly bring the cup of ice-cream to show to the staff at the sweet stone. But to my shock, not only he refused to apologise, he denied the metal piece is from his ice-cream and claimed that his scoops are all plastic. He boldly challenge me to report this incident. I defintely will on Monday morning and I can’t wait…So take note if you are buying their ice-cream, check before you put the spoon in your mouth!