Golden Rooster Clementi (Ke Ai Ji)


Half fried spring chicken (S$4.50).

This was a quick dinner we had. Located at a coffee shop next to Clementi Book Store, Golden Rooster is one of the stalls in an HDB coffee shop named VariNice (not a typo). Since there was a respectable queue, we thought, “Hey, why not?”

According to Ricky who used to regularly hangout at Clementi Book Store, Golden Rooster had long queues whenever he passed by. Well, I just don’t see why.

The chicken meat wasn’t very juicy, neither was it dry. The skin wasn’t crispy, but neither was it limp. To be fair, it was not sickeningly thick with batter nor too greasy. I wouldn’t say the meat was flavorful, but neither was it totally tasteless. In short, it was just average.


Half BBQ chicken with rice (S$4.50).

Same goes for the BBQ chicken. The grilled bird looked so yummy and succulent in the glass warmer, but it turned out to be forgettable. To summarize, both items weren’t very good nor were they very bad.

The next time I’m there, I’m gonna check out the famous Brothers Rojak. That stall has even longer queues. Hopefully, the queues there are justified!

Golden Rooster Clementi
Blk 450 Clement Avenue 3
Singapore 120450