Ralli Sugar Cane Juice

At Maxwell Food Centre last night, Ricky and I feasted like kings albeit on a pauper’s wallet. We shared: one char kway teow (S$3.00), two Fuzhou oyster cakes, (large, S$2.00 each), two popiah (S$1.00 each), one fresh sugarcane juice (S$1.50), one tau huay (S$1.20), and one longan egg tau huay (S$1.80).

Total damage: S$13.50. Satisfaction: priceless.

Longan egg beancurd (S$1.80).

The last item, egg tau huay topped with canned longan, caught my eye. My first time coming across tau huay (super silken beancurd, normally served as dessert locally) made with egg, I was naturally curious. Besides longan, there are numerous toppings to choose from, such as fruit cocktail, mashed yam, or mango.

Quiveringly soft and silky, I was surprised that the beancurd was actually quite resilient. In fact, it was jelly-like in its springiness. Taste-wise, it was bland, perhaps to serve as a blank canvas taking on the flavors of the different toppings.

While it was a pleasant experience, the egg tau huay isn’t my cup of tea. I didn’t take to the jelly-like texture, and there was hardly any of the soy milk taste I love. I’m starting to think that maybe it’s supposed to be egg jelly; the “tau huay” suffix is just to illustrate its resemblance to the silken beancurd.

Ralli Sugar Cane Juice
Stall 49, Maxwell Market Food Centre
2 Murray Street
Singapore 079519




  1. rachel says

    your dinner menu sounds yum. i can almost taste everything except the oyster cake; not big fan of that. 😛
    15 more days to go. woo-hoo!

  2. says

    Hi rachel,
    I’m not a big fan of the oyster cake, either, but Ricky is. Guess it’s an acquired taste.
    15 more days to go. What’s the first craving you’re going to satisfy when you touch down? 🙂

  3. Cin says

    Wat a feast with little damage to your wallet! Gee… de pic of the Longan Egg Beancurd looks so darn gd. I wanna try it when I’m there de next time. Which dessert stall is it?
    Maxwell is quite a fd haven.Besides de above fd stalls U’ve mentioned. De list goes on: Ngo Hiang Stall, Fish Bee Hoon Soup, Famous Tapioca Cake & Ondeh -Ondeh, Peanut Sesame Dumpling Dessert, Porridge stall, Somserset Goreng Pisang, Wan Ton Mee, Tian Tian Chick rice. Hmn… did I miss out anythg else? *winks*

  4. says

    Cin, I think you’ve tried out more stalls than I have! Really want to get my hands on the famous ondeh ondeh one of these days. Most of the food I’ve had at Maxwell were good, definitely better than those at Newton, that tourist trap.