Ri Xin Snack Delights

Knowing we’d need supper, we bought these sweet potato balls after our dinner at Maxwell Food Centre. Apparently, this stall is famous for its ping-pong ball-sized sweet potato balls, though it’s my first time trying them out.

Ralli Sugar Cane Juice

At Maxwell Food Centre last night, Ricky and I feasted like kings albeit on a pauper’s wallet. We shared: one char kway teow (S$3.00), two Fuzhou oyster cakes, (large, S$2.00 each), two popiah (S$1.00 each), one fresh sugarcane juice (S$1.50), one tau huay (S$1.20), and one longan egg tau huay (S$1.80). Total damage: S$13.50. Satisfaction:… 

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Jang Won Korean Restaurant

Hi everyone! Sorry for the vanishing act. Soon after the previous post, I had a very painful case of tonsillitis, followed by high fever and a sore throat. For two weeks, it was a diet of plain porridge and light vegetables. Eating out was, well, out for me. Not that I would have been able… 

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