Teochew Cuisine Restaurant

This isn’t a full review, just posting some photos of my dad’s sumptuous birthday dinner. Not all pics of the dishes turned out well. Ah, the pressure of 13 pairs of chopsticks impatiently waiting to dive into the food was just too much.

Appetizer platter.

Clockwise from left: sliced octopus; Teochew braised duck; jellied shark meat; and Japanese-style baby octopus (chuka iidako). Center: sugared cashew nuts.

The braised duck and jellied shark meat are traditionally Teochew, though jellied pork trotter is a more common sight. Light, refreshing flavors here, a nice change from the usual Cantonese appetizer platters.

Teochew cold crab.

Another classic Teochew dish, the freshness of the sweet crabmeat shines through here.

Prawns in abalone sauce.

Stunning in presentation, but short on taste. We thought the chef didn’t do justice to the sweet, fat prawns by splitting them open, deep-frying them, and then smothering them in thick gravy.

Crispy sugared yam/taro.

This is a very famous Teochew dessert, but you don’t often see it served in Teochew restaurants in Singapore. It’s a simple recipe, but the timing is notoriously difficult to master. I much prefer this to sticky oh nee (mashed sweetened yam/taro paste).

Crispy pumpkin pancake.

I went wild when I saw this on the menu. Tried this (also the apple pancake) when I was in Shantou, China, and fell in love with it. Basically, it’s finely shredded pumpkin coated with flour, then pressed into a flat pancake and fried till light and crispy. Don’t know when the sugar comes in, but this dessert isn’t too sweet. Very more-ish and totally addictive. I haven’t seen this anywhere else in Singapore, so if you come here, this is a must-try!

Located in an HDB estate in Bukit Batok (read: obscure), this restaurant is low in profile but scores for the freshness of its ingredients and light, clean flavors. For instance, the steamed red grouper (not pictured) was marvelous. The interior is simple but comfortable and air-conditioned. Prices are comparatively cheaper than the established Teochew restaurants in town.

Teochew Cuisine’s kitchen is helmed by a master chef from Guangzhou, China, who specializes in Teochew/Chaozhou cuisine. Indeed, the taste of the food was very similar to what I had when I visited the city of Chaozhou. A couple of the dishes were a bit of a hit-and-miss, but overall, the food was great.

Teochew Cuisine Restaurant
Blk 132 #01-300
Bukit Batok West Ave 6
Singapore 650132
Tel: (65) 6560 0050




  1. rachel says

    ooh, i think i’d like my folks to try this place, but it may be hard going to get them there. they loathe spending money on food that mom feels she can also make at home.
    sigh…parents…but this time, i will use my going home as an excuse! 🙂
    about 7 weeks left. woo-hoo!

  2. says

    Hey, I just had lunch at that restaurant few days ago. I had kway chap which I thought was very good. It’s definitely a restaurant that I’ll visit again. 🙂

  3. Sherine says

    not sure if you’ll see this comment. Just wondering how much were the dishes above? I live in bukit batok….would like to bring my family out there for a meal but hopefully its not too ex =)

  4. says

    Hi rachel,
    Perhas you could try the dishes that are difficult to replicate at home? I know that the crispy pumpkin pancake is not a job for the novice cook!
    Hi piggy,
    I’d love to try the kway chap too. The good thing is that this restaurant has both high-end cuisine as well as more humble fare.
    Hi Sherine,
    Sorry, I don’t know the exact prices of the dishes. The appetizer platter and cold crab are on the pricey side, but other dishes are the typical zi-char prices.

  5. says

    Thanks a lot for your comments, Julia. Are you a regular here ? You seems to know some much of us.
    Btw, there is a website for more information http://www.teochew-cuisine.com. Too bad it is all in Chinese at the current moment.
    Starting from $3, you will be able to enjoy the fish porridge(many stalls island-wide) and Kway Chap.
    There is also Set Meals of teochew food ranging from $68 – $888.
    Many customers don’t know that there is a 2nd storey which holds about 10 tables, very suitable for personalize birthday parties.
    Actually the main idea is to have restaurant standard with coffee shop price.
    Hope you will discover and enjoy more in your future visits