Spize The Makan Place

Located along the same row of shops as the famous Boon Tong Kee (River Valley branch), I must have passed by Spize The Makan Place, a casual Indian Muslim eatery, many times without a chance to eat there. Yesterday evening, the planets were in alignment. Spize’s extensive menu includes Indian pratas, Malay satay and nasi goreng (fried rice), Chinese-style fried noodles, and Western-style burgers and fish and chips.

In the mood for Indian food, I asked about the murtabaks, to which svelte server Nur replied, “The portion is quite large. You might not be able to finish it.” Well, she’s obviously never met a female food blogger before. Oops. Heh!

Chicken Masalah Murtabak (S$5.00).

Shamelessly, I went ahead and ordered the chicken murtabak anyway. It arrived smelling wickedly delicious, a hint of greatness to come.

Boy, the murtabak was fantastic. Thin, light, and crispy prata enveloping a generous stuffing of spicy chicken and potato, it was so good it could kick some serious butt. I may not have much murtabak-eating experience, but I sure know a great one when I taste it.

What I also liked was that the fried dough was hardly greasy. Another plus point: The prata remained crispy till nearly the end of the meal. While filling, the murtabak didn’t sit uncomfortably heavy in the tummy.

A word of warning: it’s really spicy! In fact, it was so hot that I started panting and sweating midway. The spice level is probably just right for chilli fans, but not for the faint-hearted. Wicked stuff, but absolutely irresistible.

Nice spice.

Mightily impressed, I’m definitely coming back to check out the other items on the menu. Spize operates from 6 p.m. to 6 a.m., obviously catering to the dinner crowd, night owls, and clubbers. It’s a casual eatery, i.e. no air-conditioning. In fact, most of the seating is by the road. Leave your Armanis and Versaces at home.

Spize The Makan Place
409 River Valley Road
Singapore 248307
Tel: (65) 6734 9194
Opening hours: 6 p.m. to 6 a.m.


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  1. rachel says

    i like murtabak & various malay food; can’t wait to get home & try your recommendation. so much food, so small a tummy!

  2. says

    Now, that sounds like a neat place!
    Shall we add it to the list of places Matt and I should try if/when we ever get there for a visit?!

  3. michelle says

    there’s another branch of Spize at Simpang Bedok.. i have tried their food there.. yummy!!

  4. Cin says

    Yes their food is yums. U MUST try their Tissue Prata. It’s basically a crsipy prata cone shaped (our Asian version of Calzone but much much thinner thou) & sprinkled with lots of caster sugar. It’s really YUMS! Thin & crispy. Not too filling. Try de Tissue Prata next time & let me knw if U like it.:)Hmn… now I feel like having sme too.
    Their Pattaya Kuey Teow is good too! Served wrapped in an omelette. Their Banana Prata & Satay is gd too. Heard the Tom Yum is pretty gd too.

  5. says

    i have not tried Spize. But my preference is with ZamZam foodstall @ Nth Bridge Rd. The Chicken Murtabak is filled with juicy curry shredded chickens. Good even w/o the sauces. It comes in big portions too & i’m totally fine with it!

  6. Hunter Cashdollar says

    Murtabak is great; I don’t know anywhere to get it in the USA. What’s that place over in Arab street? Zam Zam? Hunter Cashdollar