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Monthly Archive for March, 2006

Canadian 2 for 1 Pizza

Gosh, it’s been a year since we last ordered in pizza! Firstly, we’re not big fans of pizza. Secondly, delivery pizza in Singapore isn’t that fantastic. It’s relatively expensive too, especially when I can have a $3.00 take-out meal of chicken rice just a 5-minute walk away. But, there are days when one is too [...]

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I met R at his office in Robinson Road for lunch last week. “What shall we have?” I asked, referring to food, of course. “Let’s have a quickie,” replied R. “What?!” Hmm. My heart pounded fast. “A quick lunch, I mean. I’ve got a lot of work to be done today. What were you thinking [...]

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Hiyashi chuka

We’ve been having really sunny days. While that’s great for outdoor sports enthusiasts, the heat and humidity has been wearing me down. I don’t have a desk-bound job; in fact, I have to do a fair bit of walking and travelling by public transport in the day. Little wonder I’ve been feeling like a tired, [...]

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Golden Mile Food Centre

Thanks to the SAF, I’ve discovered some great eats at Golden Mile Food Centre. My first visit was the consequence of R being called up for reservist training. He needed to replenish his full pack. NSmen will know what I’m talking about. Level 2 of this open three-storey building is the place to go for [...]

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Noodle House Ken

Ventured into relatively unknown territory today – Japanese ramen. There are few shops in Singapore that specialize in ramen, and Noodle House Ken is one of them. Its appearance is small and unimpressive, but I’ve heard that this is one of the better authentic ramen shops in town.

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