Tofu and mushrooms in oyster sauce

After blogging about some typical dishes we eat at home, I received requests to put up the recipe for this tofu dish. It’s actually very simple, and I’m sure many Chinese Singaporean families have their own version of it. It’s perfect with plain jasmine rice. Here’s the recipe:

Kit Kat Fruit Parfait


While queueing at the supermarket check-out counter the other day, this colorful box caught my eye. Another one of those limited edition Kit Kats from Japan! I knew I had to have it.

The RiceTable (Cuppage Terrace)

Years ago, The RiceTable started out promisingly. The first to offer rijsttafel at affordable prices, word quickly got around and business boomed. At S$19.80++ for dinner, one gets an all-you-can-eat spread of 20 dishes, placed on warmers at your table. You have to admit, it’s a tempting deal. Plus, the food wasn’t half bad.

Eating at home – July 2006

Looking through my archives, I realized that this year, I haven’t been blogging about what we’re eating at home, save for two recipes. Some people might even get the impression that we eat out a lot. On the contrary, we eat home more often than out. Breakfast is a must, and our kitchen churns out… 

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Ri Xin Snack Delights

Knowing we’d need supper, we bought these sweet potato balls after our dinner at Maxwell Food Centre. Apparently, this stall is famous for its ping-pong ball-sized sweet potato balls, though it’s my first time trying them out.

Ralli Sugar Cane Juice

At Maxwell Food Centre last night, Ricky and I feasted like kings albeit on a pauper’s wallet. We shared: one char kway teow (S$3.00), two Fuzhou oyster cakes, (large, S$2.00 each), two popiah (S$1.00 each), one fresh sugarcane juice (S$1.50), one tau huay (S$1.20), and one longan egg tau huay (S$1.80). Total damage: S$13.50. Satisfaction:… 

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