Zion Riverside Food Centre

Let’s go for another Singaporean hawker centre makan session! Today, we’re going to the Zion Riverside Food Centre, just across the road from Great World City.

Fishmeat toufu, fishmeat taupok (beancurd puff), vegetable fritter, fried spring roll, and mini yam rolls (sold in 4s)

All items are S$1.00 each, so this platter cost S$5.00.

Close-up of the deep-fried goodies

The fishmeat toufu and taupok are rather unique items, not commonly sold elsewhere. The former is a piece of firm beancurd covered in fish paste, then deepfried. The latter is beancurd puff or skin stuffed with fish paste. I prefer the former as it is more soft and juicy. The vegetable fritter is very crispy, but it is very oily too. The popiah, filled with turnip and carrot, tastes pretty ordinary. The mini yam roll is another unique item. Sweetened, mashed yam and crushed, roasted peanuts are rolled up in spring roll wrappers. Extremely fragrant, but a little over-fried, making it too hard.

Kway chap set (S$3.30)

This is R’s order. He really likes kway chap. Beside the bowl of rice noodles in broth is the plate of braised hard-boiled egg, beancurd, pork belly (only a measly 3 slices), and pig’s organs (I’m not sure if they’re intestines or tripe). No comments because I didn’t try this dish.

Fried Hokkien prawn mee (S$3.00)

This is one of my favorite hawker dishes. Yellow Hokkien noodles and rice vermicelli are stir-fried, then simmered in a tasty prawn and squid stock. Chives, beansprouts, prawns, squid, and egg are then added. You squeeze fresh calamansi juice over the noodles and enjoy it with chilli sauce. Yum!

I’ve had this dish at different places, ranging from excellent to forgettable. I’d rate this one 6.5 out of 10. There’s too much noodles, and not enough ingredients. The noodles could also have been simmered longer to soften and soak up the flavors of the stock.

Hope you enjoyed our makan session!

Zion Riverside Food Centre
Zion Road / Zion Close




  1. says

    Love the Ngoh Hiang .. Julia. 🙂
    Not a fan of kway chup .. but defintely a fan of hokkien noodles.. 🙂 all look so yummy.. and delicious.. and cheap..!! yer so lucky.. i’m so miserable..!! heheh!!

  2. says

    oh my faint pregnant heart! the sight of your deep-fried goodies is giving me palpitations!! Foo Kee here I come!! 🙂

  3. says

    Wow, wish we could get food centers like that in central London [blanches at the thought of what we do have on offer]. The yam and peanut springroll sounds especially tempting to me.

  4. says

    hey MrsT, you have a loving husband and a beautiful daughter, so don’t be miserable! 🙂 I wouldn’t mind giving up ngoh hiang to have a wonderful family.
    Shirley, Happy New Year to you and your family too! Thanks for being so supportive of my blog! 🙂
    spots, hope you’re coping well with your pregnancy. Remember, don’t eat too much deep-fried foods at one go! You’re supposed to eat healthy, especially now. 🙂
    Hoo li Ahh, welcome to my blog! Thanks so much for your compliment. Hope to see you again. 🙂
    Christina, from what I’ve heard, it seems that Asian ethnic cuisine is rather popular in London, especially Indian. Is that true? Yes, the yam and peanut springroll was quite lovely; I liked how fragrant it was. And I think it shouldn’t be too hard to replicate. 🙂

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    Yes, Indian is England’s national cuisine. Although I like the vegetarian dishes, I don’t eat it often however as it tends to give me indigestion. I much prefer Asian cooking – plus I grew up in Auckland so it’s much more familiar to me. The best Asian (by which I mean NZ Asian not UK Asian) foodhall in London is Oriental City up in northern Hendon. Excellent wide range of cuisines from Japanese to Malay, but sadly a 2 hour trek from home on public transport. 🙁
    I’ve put the yam and peanut springroll in my ‘things to try making’ file. 🙂

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    Zion Riverside Food Centre III

    This blog is at the risk of turning into the official website for Zion Riverside Food Centre. Well, for a starving gal woman who has just knocked off work at 8.30pm, this place is the best choice in the vicinity

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    Even Hay Mee Men get the blues

    The working days between Christmas and New Years is either called Nothing Week, or Nonsense Week by some of my more unfortunate friends. Those who have to work, that is.
    (Those who are on vacation – Nabeh, fark orf!…